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Jeffrey Ridgway Jr.
Jeffrey Ridgway.png
Full Name: Jeffrey Todd Ridgway Jr.
Alias Jeff
Psycho Brother (in the Psycho Series Sequel)
The Beast of the Sound
Some Dumbass From That World
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Occupation: YouTuber/Accountant/Twitch Livestreamer
Status: Deceased
Family: Jesse Ridgway (Brother)
Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. (Father)
Theresa Ridgway (Mother)
Current Friends:
Current friends:
Current Enemies:
Last appearance: the devil resides.

Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. is the brother of Jesse Ridgway, and the son of Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. and Theresa Ridgway. He’s the secondary deuteragonist of seasons 1-3 of The Devil Inside Series and one of the main antagonists of season 4.


Jeffrey first started to noticed Isaac acting like an idiot and a prankster in PSYCHO DAD RAIDS STREAM PRANK!. Jeffrey then starts noticing throughout the 2017 series, that Isaac's been dyeing his hair colored black and piercing his ears. Isaac's been taking drugs and medication alot often and Jeffrey starts to know he's turning into a completely different person. Isaac's also attempt on committing suicide which makes Jeffrey starts getting curious more about him and starts digging through his objects inside his room and starting fights with him and Isaac and the whole family which is referred to as the Psycho Family in the Psycho Series 2. When Isaac tried to attempt a murder on himself it made Jeffrey believe that Isaac can't be trusted to have a knife or any suicidal things around him.


Jeffrey Sr. raiding Jeff's stream

While Jeffrey is live streaming, Psycho Dad barges into his room thinking they were doing a role reversal for the Psycho Series, Jeffrey Sr. still getting pissed at Jeffrey Jr. and steals his gaming Monitor and throws it on the ground two times outside the front yard making Isaac reveal it was a prank having Jeffrey Sr. and Jeffrey Jr. throw a fit at him.

The Psycho Series 2 and Isaac's Takeover

Jeffrey confronting Isaac.

Jeffrey the other day uploads a 2017 series exposed video of Isaac revealing his newest series while that happens, he makes a confrontation to Jeffrey and scolding him for framing him on YouTube. Jeffrey attempts to calm Isaac down while exposing him for the truth to his series. Jeffrey tells him that he doesn't feel like rebooting the Psycho Series 2, making Issac get pissy at him and ruin the relationship between his friends and people at the beer party. They both take a trip in the forest away from his party buddies and talk business about filming another Psycho Video to the Psycho Series Sequel. Jeffrey doesn't agree to help Isaac film it.

Jeffrey disagrees to sign the Psycho Series 2 contract.

Jeffrey finds out about Isaac's Psycho Contract and decides to decline it over certain mistakes and errors and the poorly made description, Jeffrey tells him he's not gonna do it unless if he makes it into a Contract without any listing of poorly made writing. Jeffrey didn't have Isaac's back in this video besides his parents.

Isaac's Attempted Suicide Reaction

Jeffrey finds out about Isaac's attempt on drowning himself

Jeffrey gets questioned about Isaac's suicidal attempt onto drowning himself into the bathtub, Terry tells Jeffrey about it. Jeffrey flips out and talks to him about the entire situation. Jeffrey also found out from her that he tried to drown himself back at the Poconos. Jeff also finds out about Isaac's new appearance about his hair dyed black and his pierced ears, slowly getting even more worried about him of everything.

Jeffrey goes through Isaac's stuff

Jeffrey gets caught while Isaac is filming his vlog, finding him looking through his possessions. He questions Jeffrey about it and Jeffrey gets concerned about Isaac's knife and why he owns it. He tells him he uses it for Fan Mail Monday, but Jeffrey finds it that he used as an attempt to kill himself brutally. Isaac also blames Jeffrey on why he's been doing everything that he made him do out of frustration. The two argue and handle it for a little while they try to hush it out. Jeffrey steals the knife and shows it to his parents, getting Isaac into more problems.

Jeffrey, Isaac, the Ridgway Family try to hash it up.

Jeffrey lures Isaac out into the living room finding out that the whole family is there with him including Chris, Aunt Melissa and Larry Abraham. Everyone tries to find out about his unknown behaviour in the past few weeks and months. Isaac explains to them nothing about it and tries to escape the scene, but Jeffrey stops him and they all share their feelings on it and about his attempt to drown and kill himself. The entire argument goes on for about 20 mins straight until he leaves the scene for everything that's been taken out of his room and everyone starts chatting about it that Isaac's told nobody about the issue of his future. Jeffrey and involving everybody in the argument share hands and leave the Ridgway Residence. Jeffrey Sr. starts to get worried about Isaac's recent behaviour...

Changing Relationship Between Isaac and Jeffrey

Isaac and Jeffrey fight

After framing Isaac at the Park with a group of un-wanted Juggies in his path, he finds Jeffrey there with him and then a while later Jeffrey is seen standing by Isaac while he's in a plastic ball, he goes psycho and charges at Jeffrey, making Jeffrey push him onto the ground and try to attempt to calm his heat and questions about more of his social life problems. Isaac is seen leaving the field from Jeffrey's view.


Jeffrey acts like a normal person in the Ridgway Family despite Isaac, the most troublemaker in the whole family.


Isaac Kalder

Isaac and Jeffrey have unsettling dishonesty towards each other. As Jeffrey Jr. comes to the realization that Isaac isn't Jesse Ridgway. Jeffrey along with, Parker and Jeffrey Sr. try to do anything to get Isaac to snap back into Jesse. As seen in snap until you die. and no way out., Jeffrey wants nothing to do with Isaac. After attempting suicide in the bathtub in MY ONLY ESCAPE! and kidnapped Theresa Ridgway in my life is falling apart.. However, Isaac and Jeffrey have seemed to have bonded sometime between those two events. In DEVIL ON YOUR SHOULDER! and THE BROTHER I NEVER HAD..., Jeffrey accompanies Isaac as they drink together.

Jesse Ridgway

Jesse and Jeffrey have a great relationship, as they are brothers. In Season 1, Jeffrey Jr. is determined to rescue Jesse from the mirror and tries to do anything to get Isaac snap into Jesse. But in Season 3, they occasionally are enemies but still care for each other.

Jeff Saxton Jr.

Jeff Saxton Jr., (referred to as Swift To not confuse Fans) and Jeffrey have a rather good relationship as Swift was once a cameraman for BigBrudda Entertainment but sometimes they are enemies.

Jeffrey Ridgway Sr.

Jeffrey and Jeff Sr. referred to as (Psycho Dad in Psycho Episodes) have a good relationship and care all at once for Isaac but then gets ungrateful comments from him. In Season 3, They have a bad relationship as Jeffrey Sr. is Psycho once again due to the Devil. In EVICTION DAY!, It is confirmed they are enemies.

Theresa Ridgway

Terry, referred to as (Theresa Ridgway) is on good terms with Jeffrey Jr. and like said with Jeffrey Sr., Theresa, Jeff all care for Isaac in the series from the family including his relatives that live in NJ with him, but he doesn't appreciate being told not to be having a knife around his surroundings.

Parker Zippel

Parker and Jeffrey Jr. have a fine relationship and are decent friends in the series and are looking after for Isaac.


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