Jeffrey Saxton Jr.
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Full Name: Jeffrey Saxton Jr.
Alias SwiftUAV
Killer Clown
Your Friend
Swifty The Clown
Swifty Claus
Ginger Bitch Jeff
Jeff Saxton Vlogs
The Fat One
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Occupation: YouTuber
Volunteered Firefighter
Ice Hockey Goalie
Status: Alive
Family: Jeff Saxton Sr. (father; deceased)
Current Friends:
Current Enemies:
First appearance: CRASHING A FAN'S DRONE!
Last appearance: Goodbye Swift, Welcome Back Corn!

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"This was just to help you out, get through the tough time with Brian. "
―Jeff's reasoning behind stealing the BTS Hard Drive.

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Jeffrey Saxton Jr., better known as, Swift and also known by his online pseudonym, Jeff Saxton Vlogs (originally named, SwiftUAV) and newly claimed alias Swifty The (Motherf*cking) Clown (born on July 5, 1996) is an American YouTube personality and friends with Jesse Ridgway. He is the false antagonist of the HOLLYWOOD HYPE/DOCUMENTARY SERIES and a minor antagonist in the HAUNTED EXPLORATION SERIES!, until his redemption later on.[1]


YouTube Career

Jeff started his YouTube channel "SwiftUAV" on April 23, 2016. His channel took off after uploading his perspective of CRASHING A FAN'S DRONE!, showing Jesse accidentally crashing his expensive drone. He also filmed Larry's secret fan party and Jeffrey Sr.'s Psycho Dad act, putting it all on YouTube. For the most part, he simply uploads commentary videos or vlogs.



Jesse posing as Jeff in a Guy Fawkes mask.

Due to the delay on the release of the Behind The Scenes footage[2], Jesse, Parker, and Jeff devised a plan to be able to upload behind the scenes without getting Jesse into legal trouble. With this, they staged a break-and-enter with Parker posing as an acquaintance of Jeff's. A few videos were put up with Jesse dealing with this, "thinking" it was Larry as a prank, or Brian somehow. As Jesse and Parker head off to the mall, they find Jeff in the Guy Fawkes mask Jesse used to pose as Jeff on his McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel.[3] The three engaged into an argument but Jeff stated it was "all for the fans", giving them back the hard drive. After the altercation, they part ways with Jesse and Parker questioning his actions. It was revealed in LET'S HAVE REAL TALK! by Jesse that Jeff never did steal the hard drive and the Break and Enter was staged.

Behind The Scenes

After the whole documentary series was announced to be fake, it was revealed that Jeff, Jesse and Parker went out to eat after filming HE FOUND US..., proving the three are on good terms.[3]



Jeff throwing corns at Jesse & Parker.

Jeff returns once more in KILLER CLOWN ATTACKS US!. He is dressed up as a clown with the intentions to frighten Jesse as a prank, essentially to gain attention from it, as revealed in his second appearance as the creepy, violent clown in KILLER CLOWN CHASES US THROUGH CORNFIELD!. He was breaking into Jesse's home, terrifying Theresa, fighting verbally with Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. and subsequently getting taken down by Larry and Joe after being called. After managing to justify his incredibly worrying actions, he is taken in by Jesse and Parker, who took him into Jesse's room. Jeff questions Jesse about locking Larry and Joe out, and attempts to bring up the odd happenings at Ursula's house, to which Jesse refuses to talk about.

Jeff in his clown persona.

In GANG OF KILLER CLOWNS ATTACKS US!, Jeff returns once again, initially with the intentions to scare Jesse once more, but also return his play button. Once an unrelated gang of clowns chase and attack Jesse, Parker, Joe, and Larry, Jeff steps in and defends them by fighting one of the clowns and scaring him off. He is thanked and follows the four halfway to Ursula's, before stepping back and deciding not to continue due to the fact that he doesn't want to die, like Parker.



Jesse's father tells him of a package. He and his father proceeded to lift the package into Jesse's room, to which they state that the package is heavy. Jesse then puts the camera on his tripod and does a mini fan mail video and opens the box with a knife. It was revealed that it was Jeff in the box. Jeff shows Jesse his box which has a go-pro mounted to the side and fruit snacks. Jeff thinks that the "Mail Yourself Challenge" is real as Jesse thinks that it is fake.

Acting Roles


  • Towards the end of YOUTUBER24 LAWSUIT!, Jesse heavily hinted it was him in the Guy Fawkes mask instead of Jeff, which was ultimately true.
  • Jeff had a cameraman called Garret Chase, also known by his Instagram name: MidnightFire420. It is unknown what happened to him as he is never seen again in Jeff Saxton Vlogs.


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