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Jeffrey Saxton Jr.
Full Name: Jeffrey Saxton Jr.
Alias SwiftUAV
Ginger Bitch (by The Devil)
Jeff Saxton Vlogs
Slimy Bastard

Angry Bald Kid

Age: 24
Gender: Male
Occupation: YouTuber
Volunteered Firefighter
Ice Hockey Goalie
Cameraman (formerly)
Status: Alive (Trapped in the Mirror Realm, Likely destroyed by Ashley)
Family: Jeff Saxton Sr. (father; deceased)
Current Friends:
Current Enemies:
First appearance: I WON $50,000 PLAYING ONLINE POKER!
Last appearance: THE KEY

―Swift's final words before his "death" in the devil's disciple.

Jeffrey Saxton Jr., better known as, Swift and also known by his online pseudonym, Jeff Saxton Vlogs (originally named, SwiftUAV), (born on July 5, 1996) is an American YouTube personality and friends with Jesse Ridgway. He was Jesse’s cameraman until May 12th, 2019. His new occupation is firefighting. Swift met Jesse in the video CRASHING A FAN'S DRONE!. His channel then took off, and he and Jesse became friends. He starred in the HOLLYWOOD HYPE/DOCUMENTARY SERIES as a supporting protagonist, a supporting antagonist of The Spirit of Ursula Series, a minor character of the Christmas Series, and the main deuteragonist of the second and third seasons of The Devil Inside Series. Swift then won the first MJN cameraman competition on October 16, 2017, after winning a survival battle by The Devil against Nick Rugenus, who was later resurrected. Jesse promised Swift that his dad wouldn't be harsh and mean towards him during his time as cameraman, which seemed to be happening behind the scenes. When Jesse took up The Devil's request on telling Issac's Story as a series, Swift filmed the entire series, and also starred as Gingy. After Issac's Story, Jesse started doing real life vlogs, with Swift filming. When Jesse was supposed to "move to Los Angeles", he ended up going to KidBehindACamera's house, unable to go anywhere else. Swift continuously pranked Michael Green and Jesse during his time there, and in Swift's attempt to make it up to Michael, he moved Angry Grandpa's vintage car and cleaned it. Michael lashed at Swift because he touched it without permission, and Swift apologized, stating he was just trying to do something good. Jesse fired Swift and hired Dom as cameraman. Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. hired Swift as his cameraman shortly after, until an incident with a smoke bomb prank in which he gets banned from the Ridgway Residence by Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. Afterwards, Jesse decided to hire him back. After Jesse and Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. bought a house, Jesse was taken over by The Devil and Swift was instructed to do evil things. During this, Swift had an epiphany, in which she realized that she wants to pursue firefighting and other things instead of filming for Jesse. She then officially quit being The Devil's cameraman. She was killed by The Devil, but was later revived by Jesse and replaced by Corn on May 12th. She now firefights and uploads to her channel, while still remaining good friends with Jesse, and appearing in some of his videos such as Jesse's Halloween party.


YouTube Career

Emily started his YouTube channel "SwiftUAV" on April 23, 2016. Her channel took off after uploading her perspective of CRASHING A FAN'S DRONE!, showing Jesse accidentally crashing her expensive drone. She also filmed Larry's secret fan party and Jeffrey Sr.'s Psycho Dad act, putting it all on YouTube. For the most part, she simply uploads commentary videos or vlogs.

Hired by Jeffrey

After Swift got fired by Jesse for taking Angry Grandpa's car without permission, Jeffrey Ridgway decided to hire Swift into BigBrudda Entertainment to humiliate Jesse. In Psycho Brother Fires Cameraman, despite the title, Jeffrey fires Swift after a failed smoke bomb prank on Jesse and Dom. After getting fired, Jesse decides to rehire him.

Helping The Devil

During, the Home Inspection Vlogs story arc, Swift helped The Devil in filming videos of The Devil house hunting with Lisa, Karen and Connie until they moved into the new RiDGiD Home.

Leaving Cameraman

On April 1, 2019, Swift decided to leave RiDGiD Studios to pursue her career as a firefighter, leading to a new MJN Cameraman Competition, In THE HOUSEWARMING PARTY! The Devil tells Swift that he is not Jesse, but himself. Swift is then shocked but is forced to keep it a secret. She also was accused by Karen McCreery of stealing the stolen bag of money from the realtors' office, belonging to the presumed, Mafia. During the filming tests of the cameraman competitors, she was instructed by The Devil to do certain things, like holding a gun to Miguel Mendez's face to scare him. In, the devil's disciple. Swift then gets to gaze at The Devil's true form, just like in the 2017 MJN Cameraman Competition. She was instructed to film the epic battle between Zachary Cornatzer and Miguel Mendez, Finally, he is instructed to kill Miguel with a gun, which she succeeds.

Death and Revived

The Devil then spares her and tells her to run away, without looking forward, Swift bumps into a tree and falls down. After bumping into the tree, The Devil then uses his spear to kill Swift, Swift is then bleeding from her mouth and her last word was: "mommy", laughing at the last word, The Devil then kills her. She is later resurrected by Jesse Ridgway, and is replaced by Corn before deciding to get a job as a firefighter.

Halloween Party

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