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Jesse Ridgway
Full Name: Jesse Ridgway
Alias McJuggerNuggets
Annoying Little Flea
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Occupation: YouTuber
Status: Alive
Family: Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. (Father)
Theresa Ridgway (Mother)
Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. (Brother)
Larry Abraham (Uncle)
Current Friends:
Current Enemies:
Current enemies:
First appearance: My Biggest Secret! (REVEALED)
Last appearance: THE FINAL SHOWDOWN!

"You understand that... you jumping the gun and making decisions without me, like fueled me... to make decisions without you?"
―Jesse's argument in PSYCHO DAD FIGHTS BRIAN!.

Jesse Ridgway is the main protagonist/anti-hero of the HOLLYWOOD HYPE/DOCUMENTARY SERIES. He is subject to a legal battle against Brian Spitz, a Hollywood writer/director/producer who forbids him from releasing behind the scenes of the Psycho Series, which causes seemingly endless tension.



It is shown in My Biggest Secret! (REVEALED) that before VidCon, Jesse was at the Wingless Eagle once again, however this time with Brian Spitz and his film crew, this was revealed in the same video to be because of a documentary Brian was doing on Jesse and his family, later to be titled Psycho Family.[1] Jesse goes onto revealing to his audience that he has been under contract to not release any behind the scenes until the documentary that Brian has been working on be finished.  

This led to ever-growing tension between him and Brian, which also led to Brian being attacked by a fan, his number being leaked and Jesse shredding the rough cut of the documentary, even after considering it incredible.[2] This caused Brian to quit working on the documentary by shredding his own contract, which was later revealed to be a ruse.[3][4]

After the hard drive being ruined by John supposedly peeing on it, Jesse, Parker, and the now supportive father, Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. fly to Hollywood to find Brian and retrieve the second hard drive currently in Brian's possession, and also to have a man-to-man talk, hopefully clearing up any disagreements.

Having found Brian's apartment after tracking down his supposed office and co-worker, Jesse and Jeff Sr. become engaged in an intense argument with Brian in his apartment, which leads to Jeff Sr. destroying his television, pictures and personal ornaments with the addition of Jesse kicking Brian in the crotch, causing Brian to call the crazy and run away.[5]

The series comes to a close with Jesse, along with Parker filming him and Brian, having a "final showdown" and eventually reconciling, Brian then agrees to show them the documentary once more. Here, like the Psycho Series finale[6], Jesse snaps his fingers and the camera falls to its side, revealing the series to be fake. Jesse and Brian then talk about why the series was made and when the now titled Psycho Family documentary is to be released.[7][8]


Jesse is extremely demanding, he is distrustful of others telling his story and really passive aggressive. When pushed to the limit, he gets to a point of destruction towards other peoples property and physically violent.





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