Joe (Mobster)
Full Name: Joe
Alias Mafia Guy
Man in Black Leather Suit
Strange Man
Joe the Mobster
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Occupation: Mobster
Mob Boss
Status: Deceased
Family: Unnamed Mafia family
Current Friends:
Current friends:
  • Unnamed Mobsters
    Tony (formerly)
Current Enemies:

"F**k what is this a camera man? got me on f**king camera now?? Where's my f**king money bigshot? A**hole where's my f**kking money at? Huh? You're f**king with the wrong person. Motherf**ker, I tell you what, give me my f**king money or you'll never see your girlfriend back A**hole!"

Joe is a character and the secondary antagonist of season 3 in The Devil Inside Series. He left Tony's Crime family and started his own. After The Devil stole the mafia's bag of money, he went out on a search for it on his own, kidnapping Karen in the process.

He is finally killed by Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. in a StoryFire video, PSYCHO DAD FIGHTS MAFIA!, being shot twice.

First Appearance

His first appearance was in THE HOUSEWARMING PARTY! when he came to The Devil's house in search of the bag of money. He was first seen when The Devil said cheers to him in which he replies "Salute."

Jesse and Swift catch Joe

The Devil and Swift catch Joe finding the bag.

Suspicions by Jesse's Family

When Karen and her sister, Shannon went out to interrogate the ones invited to Devil's party, Joe was briefly mentioned by Uncle Larry saying he was a strange man that no one knew, but Jesse's other family members only mentioned a guy they didn't know, presumably referring to Joe, some mentioned a guy in a black leather suit, referring to Joe.

Noticed by The Devil, Swift and Corn

During the house warming party, Swift told Devil about a man in a black leather suit searching through the cabinets of the house in search of the bag of money, Realizing this, The Devil went upstairs of the RiDGiD Home into the room where the bag was and finding nothing. Angered, he berates at the ones taking shots and asking where the bag is. In the video, Where is the Bag of Money?, Corn and The Devil manage to spot Joe when rewatching THE HOUSEWARMING PARTY! video, The Devil is shocked by the fact that he took multiple shots of beer with Joe, without him remembering. 
The Devil taking shot with Joe

The Devil taking shot with Joe.


In PSYCHO DAD FIGHTS MAFIA! Joe raids the RiDGiD Home with a couple of Mobsters in search of the bag of money, and holding Karen hostage once again, demanding for the money, The Devil explains that Jeff took the money and bought RiDGiD Home, Joe didn't believe and still demanded to get the money, meeting Jeff in the process. Holding a gun. Jeff demanded Joe to put the gun down but Joe refused and shot Corn in the shoulder instead. Upon shooting Corn, Jeff was forced to shoot Joe twice, killing him. 
Joe's Dead Body

Joe's dead body after getting shot by Jeff Ridgway.

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