Larry Abraham's Ford F-150
Larry's Truck
Name of Vehicle: Ford F-150 (tenth generation)
Owner(s): Larry Abraham
Paint Job: Burgundy
Status: Destroyed
Method of Damage: Rammed into Ridgway Residence swimming pool, engine drenched
Clawed multiple times with Jeffrey Ridgway Sr.'s backhoe
Larry Abraham's Ford F-150 XLT was a recurring vehicle in McJuggerNuggets (especially in the Psycho Series) and Larry's Lounge videos. It served as one of Larry Abraham's secondary vehicles before he used it in an attempt to kill Jeffrey Ridgway Sr., which resulted in its destruction.

Psycho Series

Jesse and Larry used the truck to crush and drag Jeffrey Ridgway Jr.'s PlayStation 4 in retaliation for Jeffrey burning Larry's sign, Jesse's couch, and Jesse's Halo helmet. Jeff Jr. shot at the truck with paintballs, causing Jesse, Larry and Corn to make their escape in the vehicle.[1]

The truck then went on hiatus for several months. Larry claimed the brakes were "shot", which resulted in the truck being parked at the Abraham Residence for an extended period of time.

The truck was later mentioned several times during Jesse's stay at the Wingless Eagle. Jesse hoped Larry could fix the truck's brakes to move the RV out of the Stahlberger's lot before Jeffrey Sr. arrived, but it was too late and the Wingless Eagle ended up being torn apart before the truck could be fixed.[2]

Psycho Uncle CRASH!

Larry Abraham driving his truck into the Ridgway Family's swimming pool after an attempt to kill Jeffrey Ridgway Sr.

Larry attempted to use the truck as a way to murder Jeffrey Sr. and free Jesse from the Ridgway Residence. The plan failed, and Larry ended up missing Jeffrey and crashing the truck into the pool,[3] resulting in Larry sustaining a severe neck injury due to the truck's airbags not deploying.[4] Following his departure to the hospital, the truck - although it was rendered unfunctional - was demolished by Jeffrey Sr. with his backhoe in retaliation for Larry attempting to kill him.[5]

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