Long live the phoenix landing :)
Post Date April 28, 2015
Duration 1:16
Genre BigBrudda Video
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"Long live the phoenix landing :)" is an unofficial episode of the BigBrudda Series, uploaded onto the BigBrudda YouTube channel on April 28, 2015. The channel was hacked when this video was made.


An online individual hacked the BigBrudda YouTube channel due to him smashing the remaining trophies and posing as Jesse. This individual gave Jeffrey a warning about messing with Jesse and congratulates Phoenix's Landing. They exactly said,

"Hello, We are Anonymous. We have hacked this account :). Don't be such a dick against your Brudda or we will destroy more then you love, long live the phoenix landing. We are Juggies. Peace out."


Because of the hacking, the tension between Jesse and Jeffrey Jr. worsened. For example, Jeffrey Jr. vandalized Uncle Larry's RV with permanent marker. Throughout Psycho Dad Reacts to One Million Juggies, Jeffrey Jr. blames Jesse for hacking his channel, even though Jesse denies having done it.

The events of JESSE SMASHES TROPHIES! (Broken Lens Revenge) were mentioned.


  • Long live the phoenix landing :) is the only non-canon BigBrudda video.
  • There is an explanation of how the hacker managed to hack the BigBrudda YouTube channel by clicking this link.
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