Post Date January 9, 2016
Duration 15:07
Genre Vlog
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Video Transcript
"Jesse's Mom gives a decision on whether or not she wishes to move in to Aunt Jackie's."

MAKE A DECISION is a vlog, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on January 9, 2016.


The video opens with Jesse Ridgway, Jackie Abraham-Mixner, and Larry Abraham coming out of the basement of Jackie's spare house, with Larry commenting on how steep the steps are.

Jesse says they've left Theresa with Melissa for too long as they go inside, finding them cleaning up one of the rooms. Melissa again says it'll take "months and months" to clean up, with Theresa saying that it's too much work, and says the positives of Melissa's house, having a big bedroom, a kitchen and her best friend.

Larry confronts Melissa, asking what married person want someone else living in their house everyday, saying Melissa wants Theresa so she can feel 17 years old again and have sleepovers everyday. Theresa says she's happy at the Stahlberger's residence, and saying it'll take months to sort out Jackie's house, much to Jesse and Larry's disagreement. Larry mentions Jeffrey Sr., saying that it's only five minutes away from the Ridgway residence while Jackie's spare house is half an hour away. It turns into a small argument until Theresa finally silences it, saying that she is happy with Melissa.

Larry continues to insist it won't take long to fix the house. Jesse says that he would live there, offering Theresa to live with him. Theresa says she feels torn, but has gotten into a routine. Melissa continues to argue, but Jesse keeps insisting that they can fix it up. Jackie says it's the perfect place for Theresa, it will give her time to think away from other stuff. Jesse says that's he's finished trying to convince her, it's Theresa's choice.

Jesse, Corn and Larry leave, looking at the propane tank before getting into Jesse's car, reminding Theresa to think about it.


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