Post Date December 10, 2015
Duration 22:02
Genre Vlog
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Video Transcript
"Jesse goes to tell his Mom about last night's talk with Jeffrey only to find her rattling off things with Aunt Melissa...while drinking."

MEET AUNT MELISSA! was a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on December 10, 2015.


Jesse and Corn go to Uncle Larry's to see Theresa. In the RV, they see Theresa drinking with her friend who Jesse calls "Aunt Melissa", someone who has appeared in previous McJuggerNuggets videos. Jesse is surprised at how much the two have drunk and tells them to stop. Melissa argues with Jesse before Theresa tells Jesse she is staying at the RV, much to the pleasure of Melissa. Melissa calls Jeffrey Sr. an asshole and Jesse warns Melissa to watch what she says about him. Melissa says Jesse is becoming like Jeffrey Sr., which enrages Jesse as he leaves the RV.

Outside, Jesse says he loves Melissa, but not when she is drunk. Jesse enters Uncle Larry's house, telling Uncle Larry that Melissa is in the RV and about the things she is saying about him and Jeffrey Sr.. Uncle Larry decides to confront the two and goes out to the RV with Jesse.

Melissa is surprised to see Uncle Larry while he is surprised to see they had taken and drunk his wine and argues with Melissa. Melissa tells Uncle Larry that Theresa has decided to leave Jeffrey. Jesse argues more with Melissa and Uncle Larry says Melissa is talking nonsense to Theresa.

Jesse tells Theresa about his conversation with Jeffrey Jr. earlier. Jesse says Jeffrey Jr. changed and there is a possibility that Jeffrey Sr. could too. Uncle Larry agrees and says Melissa is trying to poison her. Melissa says the entire family is messed up, including Uncle Larry. Uncle Larry and Jesse leave the RV with Uncle Larry telling Melissa she should ask for some class for Christmas.



The majority of viewers are heavily against Melissa, citing her mean, drunk attitude she displayed towards Jesse and Uncle Larry.


Melissa was previously mentioned in NO MORE RECORDS! *PSYCHO UPDATE* by Uncle Larry.

Jesse makes a reference to the events of PSYCHO DAD SURPRISE VISIT, where Uncle Larry was annoyed at Jesse for touching his beers and belongings without asking.


  • Despite having a title of "aunt", Melissa is not a sister to Theresa, instead, she is her friend. Melissa is Jesse and Jeffrey Jr.'s aunt due to tradition.
  • Despite the title being MEET AUNT MELISSA!, this wasn't Melissa's first appearance in all of the videos on the McJuggerNuggets YouTube, as she was seen in Psycho Kid Ruins Thanksgiving, Psycho Dad Scares Children, and in the 2 Girls 1 Cup video.
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