Post Date February 16, 2016
Duration 45:45
Genre Vlog
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Video Transcript
"Jesse, Corn and Uncle Larry pack up all of Jesse's things and he officially moves back home."

MOVING BACK HOME! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on February 16, 2016.


The video starts with Jesse, Corn, and Uncle Larry walking to a Longhorn Steakhouse.

The video then cuts to Jesse, Corn and Uncle Larry inside the steakhouse, where Jesse talks about his medical problems, with him announcing that he believes it is digestive, and that he will be committing to a "Diverticulitis Diet".

Another cut is made to Jesse, Corn, and Uncle Larry walking up to Theresa's House to collect his belongings and clean up Uncle Larry's tools, as they are cleaning up when Jackie Abraham-Mixner comes up to the house inquiring about the hole that Jesse made when he fell through the ceiling, Jesse then proceeds to lie about the hole, but eventually comes to his senses and tells the truth about it. Once Jackie leaves, Jesse decides to leave a note for his mother, which he hides in the cracks between the ceiling tiles. They then find out that Corn has had keys to the house this whole time, and didn't tell them, which leads them to believe that Corn was behind a lot of the "paranormal" activity in the house. A small cut is then made to them driving in the truck as they pass his Mother on the road.

A cut is then made to Jesse, Corn, and Uncle Larry back at Jeffrey Ridgway Sr.'s house to move Jesse's belongings back to the house, Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. then joins them to help carry Jesse's belongings back into his room.

The video ends with Jesse, Corn, and Uncle Larry moving his Dads truck back to his parking spot.




  • The contents of the note were eventually revealed in SAVE YOURSELF!, when Theresa forced Jesse to read it, albeit Jesse didn't want Corn to film it in this video because it was personal at the time.
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