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Post Date January 31, 2016
Duration 42:48
Genre Vlog
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Video Transcript
"Jesse, Corn and Uncle Larry find out who has been behind everything."

MYSTERY SOLVED! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on January 31, 2016.


Jesse Ridgway begins the video by achknowledging Larry Abraham's efforts on the bathroom. When Jesse struggles to start a vaccum cleaner, Corn and Larry both hear what was supposedly a knocking on the window. At first, they believe that it was either Chuck Abraham or Jackie Abraham-Mixner, but it isn't long before Corn sees a figure wearing an anonymous mask outside the window for a split second. Jesse, Corn and Larry investigate as they hear noises coming from inside and outside the house. They eventually find the hooded figure in the house and chase after him. Larry catches him before he manages to escape and they take the mask off of him - to their surprise, it is Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. and not Jackie, Chuck or a Juggie. Jeff Jr. jokingly reveals his part in the supposed paranormal haunting. They then go back and resume their work.

While vaccuming the floor, Jesse realizes a second hooded figure wearing a mask staring at him outside the window. At first, he believes that it is Jeff Jr., but Larry had proven otherwise. Larry and Jeff Jr. are brought to Jesse's attention as the figure disappears in the dark. They all agree it is a person and traps him inside a basement while everyone gears up ready to confront him. When they find him placing something in a freezer, the figure is forced to take off the mask - he is revealed to be Chuck and his part is revealed in the scheme - the object is revealed to be Emma the Styrofoam Head. Larry confesses to have hanged Emma on a noose.

Later plot points to be added