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Malachi Samson
Full Name: Malachi Samson
Age: Late Teens (Possibly early Twenties)
Gender: Male
Occupation: Player of EVE
Status: Alive
Family: Mildred Samson (mother)
Current Friends:
Current friends:
Current Enemies:
First appearance: paralyzed.
Last appearance: break free.

Malachi Samson is a character in My Virtual Escape, whose rank is currently level ??. Malachi is a player of "E.V.E." who is always getting in trouble with the Moderator. He becomes Isaac's arch-nemesis and hates him after Isaac gives his XP to Michael. He was also the person hit by the car in the beginning of My Virtual Escape. He was killed by Abraham in E.V.E but is shown to have survived in the real world. It is revealed that the whole time he is very close friends with Isaac and knew Abraham, Joseph and Archie in real life. 

He was portrayed by Jesse Castillo.


  • Malachi was supposed to be played by Tom Abraham, but he pulled out last second due to his School Schedule.
    • Despite this, Tom managed to make a brief appearance as Aaron Andrews.
  • From Season 1 - 3, Malachi was shown to be very frightened of Abraham but desperately wanted to take him down.
  • In break free., the series finale, it is revealed that Capt. Louis Phillips is the one who ran over Malachi and made him paralyzed on purpose.