Martha Esther
Alias Great Aunt Martha
Age: 60s - 80s
Gender: Female
Status: Deceased (In E.V.E)
Family: Isaac Kalder (great-nephew)
Eve Kalder (great-niece)
Joseph Kalder
Current Friends:
Current friends:
First appearance: missing.
Last appearance: Break free.

Martha was a character in My Virtual Escape and was the grandmother of Isaac & Eve Kalder. She is also the mother of Joseph Kalder. She is portrayed by Jackie Abraham-Mixner.

Season 2

Isaac is sent to look after her. His tasks are to feed her, give her her medication and help her to go to the bathroom. He ends up giving her too much pills and she nearly overdoses.

Season 3

She moves in with Isaac, Mary and Joseph. This is so for Isaac to take care of her more frequently, and because she requested this. She is also responsible for the death of Mary, as she goes to talk to her in double cross. and she talks about the cancer and the child. She convinces her to overdose and die, to escape the pain of the cancer. Mary ends up agreeing and Martha kills her on her permission. She is seen going into VR, and Isaac stops her. 

Season 4

In judgment day. she played as Isaac in E.V.E so if he was killed in VR he wouldn't die in real life, as Martha wanted to die so badly to escape her pain as well. Isaac returns to VR to save his father, who ends up dying anyway, Isaac exits VR to confront Abraham.

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