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Mary Kalder
Isaac's mom.png
Full Name: Mary Kalder
Alias Mom (by Isaac)
Age: early 40s - 50s
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Family: Unnamed Mother †
Martha Esther (aunt)
Joseph Kalder (ex-husband)
Peter (husband)
Isaac Kalder (son)
Eve Kalder (daughter)
Paul (stepson)
Hannah (stepdaughter)
Current Friends:
Current friends:
Current Enemies:
Current enemies:
First appearance: sheriff & the outlaw.
Last appearance: broken.

Mary Kalder is a character in the My Virtual Escape series. She is the mother of the series' protagonist, Isaac Kalder, and the ex-wife of Joseph Kalder.


Early Life

Mary was married to Joseph Kalder for a few years but then divorced. Joseph later started a relationship with Mary (a woman of the same name). Isaac and her show a very strong bond together in the 2 episodes she appeared in.

This is where she first appears, Isaac puts on his EVE helmet but is surprised by her. In the shots they took; She smokes weed, watches a movie and plays games with Isaac. Then it cuts to her and Joseph fighting, and then she leaves the house. There are shots of a car driving on the road she is walking across, insinuating her being hit. She reappears in scouting solomon's, when Isaac spawns into the game and then he hugs her. But then it cuts, to reveal it was A.D.A.M that was dressing up as her, however her figure is still in the shot.


  • She is portrayed by PsychoMom (her slogan).
  • Her twitter is @ThePsychoMom