McJuggerNuggets Paintball Prank (Broken Lens)
Post Date April 25, 2015
Duration 4:10
Genre BigBrudda Video
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McJuggerNuggets Paintball Prank (Broken Lens) is the 7th episode of the Big Brudda Series. It was uploaded on April 25, 2015.


Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. is in his car preparing for the prank he will pull on Jesse Ridgway, explaining what he'll do. Jeffrey later gets out of his car and creeps through the shadows, as Larry has left his spotlight on. To get decent lighting to film, Jeffrey turns on the lights of the basketball court, and rushes Phoenix Landing, peppering the tent with what Jesse calls "piss-yellow" paintball. Jesse turns on a light to get Jeffrey's attention, much to Jeffrey's surprise. Jesse sprays Jeffrey with a hose and chucks a water balloon at him; it hits Jeffrey's camera, causing him to drop it, resulting in the lens breaking. Jeffrey panics as Larry comes at him with a particularly large water balloon but misses. Panting, Jeffrey hauls ass back to his car, noticing (in a fit of rage) that his camera lens is broken.


  • This is the second time Jeffrey mocks Jesse's intro, the first was BIG BRUDDA Q&A.
  • This is the first video in the Big Brudda series to be seen from multiple perspectives (Jeffrey's camera and Jesse's camera).
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