McJuggernuggets Paintball Prank Teaser
Post Date April 23, 2015
Duration 1:38
Genre BigBrudda Video
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McJuggerNuggets Paintball Prank (Broken Lens)
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"Jesse is living outside again? OH REALLY?"

McJuggernuggets Paintball Prank Teaser is the sixth episode of the BigBrudda Series uploaded onto the BigBrudda YouTube channel on April 23, 2015.


Jeffrey Jr. explains he is downstairs because everyone complained about his computer fan. Jeffrey Jr. explains his idea of using his paintball gun to attack Jesse, who is currently living outdoors. Jeffrey Jr. plans on attacking him within the next few days.

Jeffrey Jr. says he banned the McJuggerNuggets YouTube account from the BigBrudda channel so Jesse wouldn't be able to see this video.



Many viewers posted about Jeffrey Jr.'s plan on Jesse's videos to warn him. Some even went as far as to download the video and re-upload on their own YouTube accounts to send to Jesse[1].


Jeffrey Jr.'s plan is put into place in Paintball Prank REVERSAL! (Broken Lens).


  • Jeffrey Jr. appears to be unaware of the fact that banned users can still watch videos uploaded on channels on which they were banned from.
  • McJuggernuggets Paintball Prank Teaser is misspelled.