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  • Stop adding in "(Psycho Series Character)" at the end of Jesse and Jeffrey Sr.'s names. It's unnecessary and looks unprofessional.

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  • Though I admire your contributions to the wiki, can you please take your time when making these articles and check them? Every time I check them, they always have the same grammar mistakes.

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  • Hello-User

    Hello! Welcome to the Psycho kid Wiki, or as referred to now, the McJuggerNuggets Wiki for being the largest database on nearly anything related to McJuggerNuggets. Thank you for your contribution to the wikia, it is truly valued and we hope you continue your journey with us, that including me and the community!

    Before we begin, I would like to introduce you to your administrators and moderators that will be supporting you on this journey, assuming you continue to express interest in this wikia, as well as some guidelines to look over.

    Keep in mind that you should sign all comments on talk and vote pages with four tildes (~~~~) to create your signature. You don't have to sign your comments in the comment section (found below) of an article.

    If you have any questions or concerns, then please speak with one of our administrators! If this is a question that requires a majority of the community to answer, you can go to the Forum. However, if you just want to share a theory of yours, then you may create a blog post.


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