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The Mirror Realm
Status: Destroyed
Located at: Pocket Dimension
Owner(s): The Devil (formerly)
Jesse Ridgway (formerly)
Inhabitants: The Devil
Josh Messick
Tony Trevorelli
Psycho Kid
Sergeant Jackson
"There's a room with endless mirrors and each one of these mirrors, I can talk through and they lead to other worlds"
The Devil's description about the mirror realm.

The Mirror Realm (or the Mirror World) is a hub connecting Jesse Ridgway's worlds and characters. According to Isaac, there are "thousands of worlds" accessible through the Mirror Realm, including the Psycho Series world, Sergeant Jackson's world and Tony Trevorelli's world.

In i'm a very bad person., we witness the first person-to-person swap; Longbags snapping back into the Mirror Realm and Theresa Ridgway coming back to her world. 

In the devil inside., Isaac snaps back into the Mirror Realm as he is pursuaded to do so by Jesse Ridgway, Dr. SnapJeffrey Ridgway Jr.Parker Zippel and Larry Abraham.

The video "The Disappearance of McJuggerNuggets" shows the Realm for the first time, showing a glowing neon-light dimension of mirrors that Jesse struggles to find his way around only to be interrupted by The Devil. But somehow, Jesse managed to come back to the Master Realm disguising himself as a mirror creature but nobody even knows it is him at the time.

In the heist., Longbags is transported to Isaac's world after snapping into a mirror back in The Devil Inside series.


  • Currently the mirror realm only seems to appear in one certain mirror. This mirror, which was in the empty backroom in the basement in the Ridgways Residence.
  • The mirror realm has two known ways to get in:
    • By snapping your fingers with only one hand.
      • As Jesse Ridgway does countless times before turning into Isaac.
      • Or, the same thing though a double snap.
    • Snapping both thumb and middle finger on both hands, doing a double snap.
  • In THE REBIRTH OF MCJUGGERNUGGETS!, Jesse describes the mirror realm (which he was in) as a hub that is basically a room of mirrors leading to different universes.
  • In THE HALLOWEEN PARTY! Jesse finally destroyed the mirror in retaliation to the Devil after what he did for the past few years.