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Creator Jesse Ridgway
No. of episodes 17 (as of April 16th, 2018)
Series type YouTube Series, StoryFire Series
Original run Oct 29, 2017 - Ongoing
"A troubled teen named Isaac struggles to find meaning in his life until he comes across a cutting-edge Virtual Reality Helmet called: "E.V.E"."

My Virtual Escape, also referred to as the Escape Series, is an on-going web series created by Jesse Ridgway that premiered on October 29, 2017, and is watchable on StoryFire and YouTube. It is a spin-off of THE DEVIL INSIDE SERIES and tells the story of Isaac Kalder, the main character.


Isaac Kalder is a ordinary teenager who became depressed after the loss of his mother, which fulled future drug addiction and alcoholism. This results in a dysfunctional relationship with his parents, and an attempt was made to help Issac religiously, but Issac dis not accept. Isaac stubbornly resents and shuts out anyone who tries to make him stop what he's doing and wishes to escape from all the problems in his life. He unexpectedly receives a virtual reality device called E.V.E. As a last chance, Isaac uses it to escape and discover the true meaning of his life while encountering helpful and dangerous people and obstacles along the way.



Season 1-

Ep. No. Episode Name Release Date YT Link
1 paralyzed. 29th Oct 2017 (StoryFire)

31st Oct 2017 (YouTube)

2 a brave new world. 5th Nov 2017 (Storyfire)

7th Nov 2017 (YouTube)

3 sheriff & the outlaw. 25th Nov 2017 (YouTube)

29th Nov 2017 (Storyfire)

4 scouting solomon's. 3rd Dec 2017 (Storyfire)

5th Dec 2017 (YouTube)

5 fallen angel. 10th Dec 2017 (Storyfire)

12th Dec 2017 (YouTube)

6 sacrilegious. 17th Dec 2017 (Storyfire)

19th Dec 2017 (YouTube)

7 christmas e.v.e. 25th Dec 2017 (Storyfire)

27th Dec 2017 (YouTube)

8 god's plan. 3rd Jan 2018 (Storyfire)

5th Jan 2018 (YouTube)


Season 2-

Ep. No. Episode Name Release Date YT Link
1 missing. 21st Jan 2018 (Storyfire)

23rd Jan 2018 (YouTube)

2 two birds, many stones. 28th Jan 2018 (Storyfire)

30th Jan 2018 (YouTube)

3 ranked up. 4th Feb 2018 (Storyfire)

6th Feb 2018 (YouTube)

4 the servant. 12th Feb 2018 (Storyfire)

13th Feb 2018 (YouTube)

5 brothers in arms. 24th Feb 2018 (Storyfire)

26th Feb 2018 (YouTube)


Season 3-

Ep. No. Release Date YT Link
1 dreaming. 11th Mar 2018 (Storyfire)

13th Mar 2018 (YouTube)

2 apparition.

21st Mar 2018 (Storyfire)

23rd Mar 2018 (Youtube)

3 double-cross.

31st Mar 2018 (Storyfire)

3rd Apr 2018 (Youtube)

4 little gangbanger. 11th Apr 2018 (Storyfire)

13th Apr 2018 (Youtube)



  • The series will be released on StoryFire and then on YouTube with each episode.
  • Some characters in the story are not seen in the episodes and only mentioned in the app.
  • This is the first time the audience gets introduced to Isaac's world & peers, as they learn why he wanted to leave and never go back in THE DEVIL INSIDE SERIES.
  • This is also the first McJuggerNuggets series ever to put voting choices at the end of each episode, allowing the audience to cast their votes and influence how the story should go.
  • Mother Sarah & Arachnid make returning appearances in paralyzed. & sheriff & the outlaw. as they were first seen in THE DEVIL'S LOST SOULS!
  • Longbags, Isaac's drug dealer, makes a returning appearance in the story.
  • The series features creative camerawork, including the use of a drone camera, making it more cinematic with cuts, sound effects, & music.
  • The series stars Angela Golca a.k.a. Psycho Mom as Isaac's biological mother. Her departure and absence from the family is the whole reason behind Isaac's depression, as he wishes to see her again.
  • The series even features Daniel Keem as a KNN News anchor.
  • Jesse confirmed that god's plan. is the My Virtual Escape Season 1 Finale.
  • The series has numerous similarities towards the popular MMO/RPG Anime: Sword Art Online
  • So far in the third season, a few of the major characters have been killed off.
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