Post Date December 5, 2015
Duration 25:39
Genre Psycho Update
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"Jesse and Corn head to the RV to tell Jesse's Mom about the destruction of her computer"

NO MORE RECORDS! *PSYCHO UPDATE* is the Psycho Update to Psycho Dad Splits Computer, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets uploaded on December 5, 2015.


The video takes place immediately after Psycho Dad Splits Computer with Jesse and Corn driving away from The Ridgway Residence. Jesse arrives at Larry's house and decides to break the news about the computer to his mother. He goes to the RV but Theresa isn't there. Jesse leaves a voicemail then goes to Larry's house. Jesse asks Larry where his mom is. Larry says she left earlier in the morning with a "skinny bitchy woman" who Jesse calls his aunt. Jesse tells Larry about the computer and all her belongings around the yard now. Larry tells Jesse to go back and bring her clothes Jeffrey Jr. threw out.

The two return to the Ridgway Residence but find that the clothes have disappeared. They find the broken up tower and take it back to Larry's. Larry asks why they didn't check the dumpster for the clothes, but Jesse says he doesn't have to worry about it. The two make Corn carry the tower to the RV where they inspect it. They decide to call in Larry's friend to fix it. Jesse then reveals that views have started to go down for his channel Jesse decides to play a game because he doesn't want to go home. They bring out Boggle. The video ends with Corn and Larry playing rock paper scissors.



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