The New Juggies mobile is Jesse's former main use of transportation.

New Juggies Mobile
Name of Vehicle: 2014 Honda Civic LX
Owner(s): * Jesse Ridgway (former)
  • Nick Rugenus
Paint Job: Crystal Black Pearl, briefly Fuchsia
Status: Active


Psycho dad bought this car for Jesse Ridgway to replace his old 1999 Toyota Corolla. His new car is shown in The Devil Inside Series, I WON $50,000 PLAYING ONLINE POKER. Jesse now owns a 2019 Tesla Model S.

My Virtual Escape

In season 2 the Civic is appeared in the servant video when the gang members drove off in a teal riced Mazda 3 sedan in the Wawa store parking lot. In season 3 the Honda Civic appeared outside the football field in the parking lot from the video little gangbanger.

The Devil Inside Series

BigBrudda steals Jesse's Honda but he didn't. BigBrudda painted Jesse's car hot pink the same as Jesse's old car from 2015.



Honda Civic
Engine (model) 1.8L 4-cylinder (R18Z1)
Valvetrain 16-Valve SOHC i-VTEC
Horsepower 143
Torque 129
Bore X Stroke 81 X 87.3 mm
Compression ratio 10:6
Fuel economy 39 mpg
Fuel capacity 13.2 gallons
Range 3556.0 miles
Turning circle 17.75 feet
Wheel type Steel
Drivetrain Front Wheel Drive
Seating 5 passengers
Wheelbase 105.1 inches
Length 179.4 inches
Width 69 inches
Height 56.5 inches
Curb weight 2,815 pounds
Color Crystal Black Pearl, later fuchsia
Status Active


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