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Post Date February 25, 2016
Duration 15:01
Genre Vlog
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The End Of Fan Mail
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Video Transcript
"Jesse receives bad news from the Post Office."

"P.O. BOX CLOSED!" is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on February 25, 2016.


The video starts with Jesse and Corn heading to the Morton Building to pick up some boxes left behind (as Jesse got a call from his father to check them), assuming that they're boxes of fan mail. As they enter in, however, they discover that there was no fan mail anywhere, only the postal office boxes. Jesse soon realizes that Jeffrey Sr. had asked him to return the boxes to the postal office. Jesse begins to get mad about this as he starts to rant, but he eventually gets a call from Janet, his postal office manager. Janet tells Jesse that Jeffrey Sr. had stopped by to close his P.O. box and took the last of the fan mail with him. Since Jesse was using Jeffrey Sr.'s credit card, he had every right to do this. As Jeffrey Sr. returns, he and Jesse began to argue about Jeffrey Sr.'s actions.

The video ends with Jesse and Corn heading back into his room with the last set of fan mail, coming to a conclusion of ending Fan Mail Monday.




  • A new character is introduced into this video: Janet, a postal employee. Janet was a Sales, Services/Distribution Associate for the United States Postal Service in Elmer, NJ. She forwarded fan mail to Jesse's post office box. So far, however, she has only made an appearance through her voice. It is unknown if she still works for the United States Postal Service, let alone in Elmer.