Post Date October 1, 2015
Duration 13:36
Genre Vlog
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Video Transcript
"Jesse and Corn confront Bigbrudda about his missing t-shirts only to get intercepted by Psycho Dad."

PAY FOR EVERYTHING! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on October 1st, 2015.


The video starts out with Jesse excitedly opening and closing his new door after returning home from Uncle Larry's, happy to have a door again. Then he goes into questioning Jeffrey Jr.'s BigBrudda t-shirts and proceeds to confront him about them.

When the confrontation moved to the dining room, Jeffrey Sr. surprised Jesse by appearing from the living room and shoved the month's bill into Jesse's chest. Jesse becomes outraged at the price and confronts Jeffrey Sr. about the added cost to his bill. Jeffrey Sr. stated that the added cost was due to his girlfriend visiting for four days and the destruction of the backdoor's window due to Jesse’s Temper Tantrum and his bedroom door which is dad kicked down because of Jesse violating the “Open Door Policy.” The two continue to argue about Jesse's girlfriend's visit, before arguing over it was actually Jeffrey Sr. who kicked down Jesse's bedroom door.

After the dust settled, an annoyed Jesse shows to the audience, the content of the bill for the month of September; totaling to a cost of US$ 2,400. Having enough of the costs being added to his rent (on top of Jeffrey Sr.'s destructive tenancies and Jeffrey Jr.'s juvenile pranks), Jesse starts to plan on moving out of the house sometime during the October, instead of his original January 2016 move date. Corn proceeded to ask "to where?" in which Jesse responds that he'd move to Corn's house for the time being. Then Jesse gets concerned about the storage of his possessions, along with paying the bill.

After taking a few pain medications, Jesse concludes that he's going to speak with Theresa and Uncle Larry.



  • From the two doors, and Jeffrey Sr. saying "that's another $50 six panel door you drilled into", you can deduce that the cost of the broken backdoor window was $450.
  • According to Jesse, $2,400 is the cost for rent in San Francisco.
    • Some viewers point out that in San Francisco, rent is actually $3,600 - $4,800 per month.
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