Post Date January 11th, 2016
Duration 11:02
Genre Vlog
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Video Transcript
"Jesse asked me to help convince Mom to move to Aunt Jackie's...didn't go so well."

PERSUADING MOM is a vlog uploaded onto BigBrudda YouTube channel on January 11th, 2016.


After his conversation with Jesse earlier, Jeffrey travels to Melissa's to try and convince his mom to move out. Jeffrey reveals he hates going there because Melissa creeps him out. Jeffrey peers into the windows, sees Melissa and hastily hides on the front porch. When the coast is clear, Jeffrey enters the house and greets Theresa. Jeffrey asks Theresa when she is planning on moving out. Theresa asks Jeffrey if she talked to Jesse but Jeffrey lies and says he didn't. Theresa says she is planning on making a decision on her own without his and Jesse's help. Jeffrey questions Theresa's drinking habits, but Theresa says its no different than taking medication for depression. Jeffrey then makes his way upstairs to visit Georgie. Georgie is playing smash with his friends. After a while Jeffrey looks outside to see Melissa passed out on the couch. Georgie creates a diversion by jumping down the stairs while Jeffrey runs out the house and to his car and makes his getaway.


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