Post Date September 13, 2015
Duration 20:05
Genre Prank
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"Jesse coerces Tom into taking him back home to get some things."

PLASTIC WRAP BIGBRUDDA'S CAR! is a prank uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets' YouTube channel on September 13, 2015.


Jesse has seen Jeffrey Jr.'s Stage #3 - The Gamble video and realizes that Jeffrey Jr. is going to make t-shirts. Jesse tricks Tom into driving him to the Ridgway Residence, under the pretense of picking some stuff from his room.

Once the two are on the road, Jesse receives a text from Uncle Larry, asking them to pick some stuff up from the store. Jesse goes in and returns with a lot of plastic wrap, which Tom questions Jesse about. Jesse claims that it's what Uncle Larry asked for.

Jesse and Tom arrive at the Ridgway Residence and park the car short of the parking area so no one will know they are there. Instead of going in and getting his stuff, Jesse instead takes the saran wrap and makes Tom record him. Jesse goes to Jeffrey Jr.'s car and saran wraps it while Tom realities that Jesse had lied to him. Jesse makes him help out while he continues on with the prank. Tom urges Jesse to stop and to instead talk with Jeffrey Jr. and work out their differences, but Jesse doesn't relent. After Jesse finishes, he notices the new Golden YouTube Play Button has been delivered to the front door. Jesse has Tom to help him carry the heavy package back to Tom's car. The two return to the Abraham Household.


PLASTIC WRAP BIGBRUDDA'S CAR! was filmed by Jesse (Start - 7:36, 12:25 - 13:18, 15:07 - End) and Tom (7:36 - 12:25, 13:18 - 14:23).



PLASTIC WRAP BIGBRUDDA'S CAR! follows the events of Psycho Dad Busts Down Door and Stage #3 - The Gamble.

The events of THROWN OUT OF LARRY'S! follow this video.


Many viewers sided with Tom, since Jesse was extremely manipulative to him and was wrong to lie, thus causing him to be "thrown" out of Uncle Larry's.


  • PLASTIC WRAP BIGBRUDDA'S CAR! shows the darker side of Jesse's personality, as he lies and manipulates Tom into helping him with his prank when Tom clearly doesn't want to get involved.
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