Post Date March 27, 2016
Duration 17:47
Genre Vlog
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Video Transcript
"For Easter, Jesse decides to prank his Dad by having him go on a hunt for his beers."

PSYCHO DAD'S EASTER BEER HUNT! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on March 27th, 2016.


The video begins with Jesse addressing the Juggies while in his Donnie Darko costume, with an Easter basket full of beer. Jesse explains how he and Corn are going to go all around the backyard and hide Jeffrey Sr.'s beer bottles. Later, Jesse peaks inside the house and calls for Jeffrey Jr. to do his "thing" to attract Psycho Dad. Jeffrey Sr. comes outside and asks Jesse what he is doing, in which he replies "It's Easter" and introduces his father to the "Easter Beer Hunt". The first bottle was "on the house" and Jesse gives his father the Easter basket. Jeffrey Sr. tries telling Jesse that he does not have time for games and that his beer is ruined, but Jesse disagrees. The beer hunt starts.

Bottle Locations

Bottle # Location
1 Outdoor Decoration (patio)
2 Inside a Pot (near the pool)
3 Inside a Plant (near the house)
4 Outdoor Grill
5 Inside the first plant (row of plants by Driveway)
6 Right by a hose (near the Morton Building)
7 Behind a plant (by Pool)
8 In the Woodcutter (unnoticed/Later picked up by Jesse)
9 Hole inside a tree
10 Jesse's Car
11 In a flower bed attached to the pool (undiscovered by Psycho Dad)
12 & 13 Inside a blue vehicle (undiscovered by Psycho Dad)

Just past the 12-minute mark, Jeffrey Sr. has had enough and slams the Easter basket full of beer onto the driveway. Jesse tries to make his case by telling Psycho Dad this was "all for fun," and Sr. walks away. Jesse continues to complain by saying that if he had a son, he would let him post anything on YouTube, then reveals that there were five more bottles left. Corn leads Jesse to an un-captured bottle (bottle #11) unnoticed by Psycho Dad. The video ends shortly after.




Victim Destructor Method of Damage Victim's Final Result
Jeffrey Sr.'s Beers Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. Thrown with the basket onto the pavement by the Morton Building. Most shattered, contents spilt onto the pavement.

Few survivors.

Easter basket Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. Tossed onto the pavement. Slightly bent.


  • The full Donnie Darko costume made its last appearance nearly a year ago in Donnie Darko Easter Bunny Prank.
  • This video was originally gonna be a public Psycho freakout Psycho Kid's Church Freakout for Easter day. The plot would be: Jesse saying foolish things to a Priest and get a spanking by him, leading to Jesse to freak out and toss down the church's cross and take off his clothes. However Jesse couldn't trust the church actors to not leak information about the Psycho Series faked and called it off.
  • Many fans considered this to be more of a Psycho Video than Psycho Family Hunting, which was uploaded nearly on Easter from this.
  • This Psycho Vlog has it's destructive methods to be known as one, but Psycho Family Hunting took it's place.
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