Post Date April 25, 2015
Duration 13:38
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"While Uncle Larry and Jesse are cleaning up things from the paintball prank, Jesse's Psycho Dad appears..."

PSYCHO DAD FIGHTS UNCLE LARRY! is the forty-sixth episode of the KICKED OUT (SURVIVAL SERIES), uploaded onto the YouTube channel, McJuggerNuggets on April 25, 2015.


After sleeping in a boat and cleaning up the water balloons from a failed prank by Jeffrey where he was attempting to raid Jesse with a paintball gun, Jesse goes back into his "lounge" and plays Hot Wheels on his Nintendo DS Lite that he got from fan-mail. All of a sudden, Jesse's father, after not seeing him for 2-3 weeks, confronts him and throws his Nintendo DS Lite at a tree, destroying it. Jeffrey Sr. confronts him about the broken trophies from yesterday, as Jesse is mistaken for the events two weeks prior to the current event. As Jeff Sr. is about to destroy his tent, Uncle Larry comes to Jesse's defense saying that it was impossible Jesse could have broken more trophies because he was at Larry's house all day. Jesse then gets suspicions that this was all Jeffrey's act of revenge for having broken camera lens from the prank the night before. Larry has enough and threatens to call the cops and Jeff Sr. leaves. Jesse and Larry converse about Jeff Sr's anger issues and his talk of manipulation and bringing Tom into it. It is eventually revealed in the end of the video by Uncle Larry that Jeff Sr. was not always an angry person, and in fact used to be very easygoing, calm and chill. Uncle Larry then embraces Jesse, who finally breaks down crying, whimpering that he's tired of this ongoing drama. Uncle Larry then tells Jesse he can stay in the house for the night, reminding him that he will be in the RV the next day, even insisting Jesse gets his own set of keys for it. The video closes as Jesse tries to give his usual outro call, before tearfully saying he can't do it and simply decides to turn the camera off.



  • This was the 2nd video where Jeff Sr breaks a Nintendo DS from Jesse, the first one being Psycho Dad Pounds Nintendo DS.
  • Despite the video having enough destruction to warrant it being a Psycho video, this video is in the vlog playlist instead. This would be repeated in AUNT MELISSA FIGHTS PSYCHO DAD! and THE DEVIL'S WOODS!
  • At around 6 minutes and 17 seconds into the video, if one listens closely, one hears a car passing by on the side road near Larry's house, this could be Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. parking his car prior to confronting Jesse.
  • This is Jesse's most popular vlog to date, receiving well over 6 million views, as well as the most popular video in the Psycho series that isn’t a destruction video.
  • The blue DS lite is from Jared from FAN MAIL MONDAY #17 -- PRE-TROPHY DESTRUCTION[1]. But Destroyed by Jeffery Ridgway Sr.
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