Post Date January 5, 2017
Duration 17:18
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"Parker battles Sgt Jackson, trying to get him to snap out of it, inevitably leading into Jesse becoming Psycho Kid."

PSYCHO KID RETURNS! is the third episode of THE DEVIL INSIDE SERIES uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on January 5, 2017.


Parker Walks into Jesse's Room Sgt. Jackson told Parker he was late. Then he told Parker there was this censorship device. That could use 3 ways of censoring words: 1. Uncensored. 2. Speaking Gibberish 3. Remain Censored. First Sgt. Jackson told Parker he can do uncensored which he told Parker to Stay off. But then to Speaking Gibberish, saying that he was sounding like a martian and angrily telling him to turn it off. But then It turns out that Parker told him he would get a lot of views and subscribers. But then Sgt. Jackson was not happy. That he trying to say that he is trying to make better videos than Jesse with the equation on his board. Then Parker told Sgt. Jackson that he needs to fix his Snapper. But he doesn't want to go back and threatens to shoot Parker but it fails and he realises he was not a real character and that he remembers that the The Vietnam War: Green Beret wasn't real and that he had been trapped in Jesse's brain since 2009. He was a character and that he wants to be free. Before he wants to go. He wants to tell Parker that Today's Sgt. Jackson saved us all. And Parker Promised that it will happen.So that was agreed

"Farewell, Private Parker!" Were his last words and he snapped. Resulting his transformation into Psycho Kid and he was trapped where all the Props were. Parker was looking for Jesse (Psycho Kid),he found him and said "Where is Corn?" and he said to the Juggies that he found himself a cabin in switzerland, deep in the mountains so that nobody could find him. And that was evident.

Jesse was fustrated that the censorship was on and he wanted everyone to swear again so he slammed the censorship device that Sgt Jackson made and now the censorship device was broken he can now swear. Then he sits down for a bit saying that he is not a real person, but a character. Jesse was happy at first when he went to his room but angered when he saw the poster of the Psycho Series put up on his wall and said it was "Some sort of fucking joke". Then he packed up his stuff to Switzerland and gets his PS4 until he sees his dad which he was so freaked when he was alive. Jesse's Psycho dad grabbed hold of him and then Parker told him to snap out of it and Psycho Kid told him to help him get up, but refuses and snaps Jesse fingers, after that Jesse was now temporarily unconscious.


Government issued censorship device Psycho Kid Slammed on the ground. No longer functions; characters are allowed to swear again.


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