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Psycho Brother Clips Head (Role Reversal)
Psycho Brother Clips Head (Parody Ver.).jpg
Post Date September 7, 2016
Duration 2:19
Genre Skit
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Video Transcript
"Jeffrey cuts some of Jesse's beloved hair off while he's asleep, then Psycho Dad intervenes."

Psycho Brother Clips Head (Role Reversal) is a skit, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on September 7, 2016. It is a parody of Psycho Brother Clips Head, with the roles being swapped.


One day, Jeffrey Jr(played by Jeffrey Sr.) decides to cut off some of Jesse's(Played by Terry) hair, just for a YouTube video. With scissors all ready, Jeffrey heads downstairs to the basement, then enters to a room where Jesse is sleeping on the couch. He then cuts some of his hair off, causing Jesse to wake up from the sound of the scissors snipping. Jesse starts yelling at Jeffrey Jr. and states that he has been growing his hair for "over a year". He then rushes towards his dad to tell on Jeffrey Jr., while Jeffrey Jr. continues to film him. Eventually, the two reach to his door, and Jeffrey Sr.(played by Jeffrey Jr.) comes out. Jesse tries to explain that Jeffrey Jr. had cut his hair, but his dad doesn't see any hair off and instead cuts off more of Jesse's hair. While an argument happens between the three, Theresa(Played by Jesse) demands that they stop arguing. She then orders Jeffrey Jr. to shut off the recording. Instead, after Jeffrey Jr.'s denial to do so, she shuts the recording off herself.





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