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Psycho Brother Fires Cameraman
Psycho Brother Fires Cameraman.jpg
Post Date December 2, 2018
Duration 5:09
Genre The Devil Inside Series Psycho Episode
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Video Transcript
"BigBrudda tries to throw a smoke at me, but it backfires horribly..."

Psycho Brother Fires Cameraman is a psycho video, uploaded on the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on December 2, 2018.


When Jeff Jr. and Swift failed to use a smoke grenade prank on Jesse and Dom downstairs in the basement, Swift gets fired due to him forgetting to pull the pin on the grenade and is kicked out after having an argument with Jeff Jr. while Dom decides to move into the Ridgway Trailer.


The video begins with Jeffrey asking Swift why he was at the Ridgway Residence, as Jeffrey did not want him there anymore because of the failed pranks against Jesse and Dom. Swift said he wanted to film a video, which Jeffrey denies and mentions the failed pranks that happened, and pinned their failures on Swift. However, when Swift comes up with the idea of throwing smoke grenades (stored in his pockets) at Jesse and Dom (who was living in the basement), Jeffrey decides to give Swift a final chance, and warns him that if this prank fails, "there will be hell to pay". As they sneak down into the basement via cellar entrance, Swift gets into position to throw the smoke grenades at Jesse and Dom, who were playing Minecraft on the PC. Swift proceeds to throw the grenade, but the prank fails because Swift forgot to pull the pin. As Jesse points out this flaw, Jeffrey gets livid at Swift for failing this prank, and as he continues to criticize him, Jesse points out that the grenade Swift threw made a hole in the wall, and that their dad would punish him. As Jesse calls his dad downstairs, Jeffrey and Swift continue to argue about Swift constantly causing the pranks (Laxative Prank, Taco Prank, Mouse Trap Prank, and this one) to fail. When Psycho Dad comes downstairs, he demands to know what is happening. When he is informed of the hole in the wall, he angrily takes a hammer and pounds more holes in the wall, further damaging it. Just when he was about to destroy Dom's computer with it. Enraged, Jeffrey tells Swift that he is fired. Swift tried to explain that it wasn't his idea, but Jeffrey Sr. yelled, "I DON'T WANNA HEAR IT! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!". Psycho Dad kicks Swift out after he painted his lawnmower pink. As Swift is leaving, however, he pulls out another smoke grenade, and this time, he pulls the pin, smoking the basement as he leaves. Enraged, Psycho Dad chases Swift outside and screams at him, demanding he leaves the property. After this incident, Dom decides to move into the trailer with his stuff.



Victim Destructor Method of Damage Victim's Final Result
Basement Wall Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. Hit by a hammer multiple times Unharmed, made holes on the wall.
Jeff Saxton Jr. Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. and Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. Fired and kicked out of the Ridgway Residence Left, upset
Basement Jeffrey Saxton Jr. Threw a smoke grenade in the basement Unharmed, caused Jeff Sr. to throw it out of the Basement