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Psycho Brother Smokes Out Stream
Post Date August 14, 2015
Duration 8:47
Genre Psycho Series
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Video Transcript
"While in the middle of a live-stream, Jeffrey uses fog machines to smoke out Jesse's room."

Psycho Brother Smokes Out Stream is the twenty-eighth episode of the Psycho Series, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on August 14, 2015.


The video begins with Jesse streaming Grand Theft Auto V on his Xbox One. As he streams, fog from two fog machines that Jeffrey Jr. had set up outside his door as a prank can be seen spreading into his room, but Jesse doesn't notice the fog until about a minute later. He tries to call out to Jeffrey Sr., only to hear Jeffrey Jr. laughing from outside.

Angered, Jesse retrieves his camera and escapes the room via the window and comes back into the house, getting into an argument with Jeffrey Jr., Jeffrey Sr., and Theresa over the prank, as Jesse is afraid of his equipment being damaged by the fog. Jeffrey Sr. is angered by both Jesse and Jeffrey Jr. for their childish behavior, whereas Theresa takes the side of Jesse due to Jeffrey Jr. trying to ruin his stream. When Jeffrey Sr. refuses to take Jesse's side of the argument, Jesse takes him and Theresa over to his bedroom window to show them the fog covering his room, although Jeffrey Sr. walks away, claiming he can just fix it with the ceiling fan and keeping the window open.

Jesse goes back into the room via the window and attempts to start cleaning up the fog until Jeffrey Jr. breaks into the room to continue filming Jesse. Jesse kicks him out as Theresa tries to make him clean up the fog machines, although this doesn't stop Jeffrey Jr. from trying to re-enter, where Jesse moves his couch to block the door.




Victim Destructor Method of Damage Victim's Final Result
The Ridgway Residence Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. Smoked out Jesse's bedroom. Eventually aired out.
Jesse's stream Smoked out on Jesse's bedroom. Stream continued, ended shortly afterwards.


  • Psycho Brother Smokes Out Stream is the first Psycho Video in which Jeffrey Sr. is not seen in any form of headgear.
  • Psycho Brother Smokes Out Stream is the second Psycho Video where Jesse's stream has been interrupted.
  • Jeffrey's point of view can be seen in MCJUGGERNUGGETS SMOKED OUT.
  • Psycho Brother Smokes Out Stream was uploaded exactly seven months after the upload of Psycho Dad Raids Stream, the last time Jesse's stream got interrupted by one of his family members.
  • While Jeffrey Jr. is cleaning up, he is singing "Am I Blue?".
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