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Psycho Dad Axes Laptop
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Post Date May 26, 2014
Duration 6:43
Genre Psycho Series
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Video Transcript
"Jesse gets his brother's laptop destroyed by his psychotic father."

Psycho Dad Axes Laptop is the third episode of the Psycho Series, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on May 26, 2014.


After getting his Xbox destroyed and his camera shattered, Jesse plots for revenge on both his father and brother by showing footage of his father destroying Jesse's Xbox online, to Psycho Dad.


Jesse attempts to get payback on both his brother and his father for his broken possessions (the Xbox 360 from Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox and the camera from Psycho Brother's Filming Freakout). Jesse convinces his brother, Jeffrey Jr. to give him his laptop to talk to a girl online. What he really intends to do with the laptop is to show his father, Jeffrey Sr., the Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox video. Jesse goes outside and finds his father chopping wood. Jesse shows him the video, leading to him thinking that Jesse is trying to make him look like a fool, and without hesitation, axes the laptop. Jeffrey Sr. then snatches the camera from Jesse and forces him to bring in what is left of the laptop to his brother. When Jeffrey Jr. sees the scraps of his laptop, he chases after Jesse in furious rage. Jeffrey Sr. looks out the window and calls the boys out for their actions.




Victim Destructor/Thief/Tormentor Method of Damage/Theft/Torture Victim's Final Result
Windows 7 laptop Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. Hit with an axe. Destroyed.
Jesse's camera Grabbed from Jesse. Returned to Jesse after the video.
Jesse Ridgway Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. Chased. Escaped.

(Note that the items destroyed in Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox and Psycho Brother's Filming Freakout are seen in this video.)


The video currently has over 14,100,000 views, with a total of over 125,000 likes and almost 12,000 dislikes.

Some viewers believe that Psycho Dad Axes Laptop is fake since Jesse referred to the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel as "My brother's account...".

However, Jeffrey Jr., during the time of Psycho Dad Axes Laptop, was in charge of the channel. (Note that in Psycho Brother's Filming Freakout, the on-screen text is clearly from Jeffrey Jr.'s perspective.)


  • Psycho Dad Axes Laptop is the first Psycho Video to be uploaded in 2014.
  • Psycho Dad Axes Laptop is the first Psycho Video where Jeffrey Jr.'s property was destroyed.
  • Psycho Dad Axes Laptop is the first Psycho Video to be filmed (partly) by Jeffrey Sr.
  • Psycho Dad Axes Laptop is the first Psycho Video where Jesse is an antagonist, as well as the first time that Jeffrey Jr. isn't.
  • Psycho Dad Axes Laptop is the first Psycho Video to be filmed by Jesse.
  • Psycho Dad Axes Laptop takes place exactly two years prior to Psycho Dad Watches McJuggerNuggets.
    • This is ironic because in both videos, Jeffrey Sr. is watching Jesse's channel.
  • If one pauses the video around the 1:57 mark, they can see how many views the first two Psycho videos had at the time this video was filmed.
  • The picture of Jeffrey Sr. that is used as Psycho Dad Axes Laptop's thumbnail is popular among fans, with many of the YouTube channels and Twitter profiles impersonating Jeffrey Sr. using it as a profile picture.
  • This Psycho video was remade in 2016 with the title Psycho Dad Axes Laptop (Role Reversal).
  • When Jesse is scrolling to find Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox, you can see Psycho Brother’s Filming Freakout’s original description
  • As revealed in the BTS, when Jesse looks through the window in Jeffery Jr.'s room, Jeffery Jr. is looking at furry costumes although it cannot be seen well due to the glare from the window into the camera.
  • The BTS also reveals that the video was inspired by the viral video Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen. In that video, it results in a father shooting his daughters laptop with a pistol.
  • Psycho Dad Axes Laptop is the second Psycho Video where Jesse gets chased by Jeff Jr. First being Psycho Brother’s Filming Freakout and third being Psycho Kid Torches Christmas Tree (by Jeff Sr. in that video)
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