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Psycho Dad Crashes WoW LAN Party
Post Date March 18, 2015
Duration 3:47
Genre Psycho Series
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Video Transcript
"An angry Father invades his son's "World of Warcraft" LAN party and wreaks havoc."

Psycho Dad Crashes WoW LAN Party is the nineteenth episode of the Psycho Series, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on March 18, 2015.


Jesse, Mark and Corn attempt to have some fun during their hangover by playing World of Warcraft on their laptops. However, Jeffrey Jr. decides to intervene and film the session, annoying them and invading their property. Jesse's dad shows up and Jesse says that his dad is embarrassing him in front of his friends.

After an argument, Jeffrey Sr. soaks Jesse's laptop by spilling his cup of Mountain Dew, ruining the laptop. Mark and Corn help clean the computer, and Jesse then asks both of his friends that if they think that his dad is crazy. His dad asks Jesse's two friends if he's crazy. They don't respond, possibly because they are scared and they are afraid that his dad will hurt them. Eventually, his dad flips the table over, pancaking Jesse's, Mark's, and Corn's computers. Jesse tries to beat Jeffrey Sr., but his friends hold him back. Mark calls Jesse's dad a "retard" two times, and Corn doesn't say anything.


In LAN Party & Broken Laptops *UPDATE*, Jesse showed that Corn's laptop is still working and that Mark and Corn left immediately after the events of Psycho Dad Crashes WoW LAN Party. This may have affected the relationship between Mark and Corn.

As revealed in THE RETURN OF CORN!, Jesse and Corn had a falling-out after the events of Psycho Dad Crashes WoW LAN Party. However, they made up by said video.


Psycho Dad Crashes WoW LAN Party was filmed by Jeffrey Jr.



Victim Destructor Method of Damage Victim's Final Result
WoW LAN Party Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. Invaded. Ruined; cut short.
Jesse's Mountain Dew Spilled onto Jesse's laptop. Rendered inedible.
Jesse's laptop Spilled Mountain Dew on it, and crushed with a table. No longer functions. Wiped up by Jesse.
Mark's laptop Crushed with a table.
Corn's laptop Crushed with a table, and stomped on. Minor damage, Screen repaired.
Table Flipped. Unharmed.
Jesse's Party Refreshments Thrown over the floor. Rendered inedible.
Nintendo Wii Indirectly covered with Mountain Dew. No longer functions.


  • Psycho Dad Crashes WoW LAN Party is the first Psycho Video in which Jeffrey Sr. does not wear a hat at any point of the video.
    • However, he is wearing some sort of head wear, which appears to be a sleeping mask, not the masks that people have been wearing since the beginning of 2020.
  • It is revealed that the Ridgway Residence's cable and internet provider is Comcast.
  • Psycho Dad Crashes WoW LAN Party is the first Psycho Video in which Jeffrey Sr. destroys items that do not belong to either of his two sons. 
  • In BIGBRUDDA'S CHECK-UP!, the writing on the chalkboard from the events of Psycho Dad Crashes WoW LAN Party is still mostly there.
  • Jesse said that he and Jeffrey Jr. might be working together on something in the future and he'll talk about later in the week, which is the trophy destruction.
  • It was later revealed that due to the events of this video, Jesse and Corn hadn’t spoke to each other in weeks.
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