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Psycho Dad Demolishes Gaming Room
Post Date April 30, 2016
Duration 5:25
Genre Psycho Series
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Video Transcript
"While Jesse and Corn do a PS4 giveaway stream, Psycho Dad rips the room to pieces."

Psycho Dad Demolishes Gaming Room is the forty-sixth episode of the Psycho Series, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube Channel on April 30, 2016.


Jesse and Corn are inside the Ridgway Morton Building, live-streaming for a PlayStation 4 giveaway. Having just finished playing The Last of Us, they are now playing Hustle Kings. All of a sudden, the wall behind the two is forcefully caved in. After some confusion, Jesse and Corn look behind to see the entire ceiling collapse right on top of them. The now-caved wall gets chainsawed, much to Jesse's horror while the window is then shattered to pieces. The figure enters the room and is revealed to be Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. He reveals to Jesse that Chris contacted him about Jesse quitting his job at McCann's Farm.

Jeffrey Sr. asks Jesse why he didn't tell him in the first place and Jesse replies he doesn't know and why he would destroy his gaming room. Jeffery Sr. told him that since he quitted his job, his gaming room is coming down as a result and should not have quit his job. Jesse told him that he's streaming in the room, but Jeffery Sr doesn't listen and then leaves the room before he gets back onto his backhoe, with Jesse and Corn still inside. Jeffrey Sr. plunges into the room multiple times, causing the entire structure of the room to collapse. He then rips what's left of the door off of its hinges and storms into the room, armed with a baseball bat. He succeeds in destroying Jesse's television and laptop, before finally leaving for good. Jesse and Corn grab the remains of the PlayStation 4 consoles and leave the now-demolished room.




Victim Destructor Method of Damage/Injury Victim's Final Result
Jesse's Gaming Room Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. Ran over with backhoe. Wall chainsawed. Heavily damaged. Finished off in WHAT'S LEFT...? *PSYCHO UPDATE*. Two walls still standing.
Jesse's window Smashed with a baseball bat. Shattered.
Jesse's TV Hit twice with a baseball bat. Screen destroyed.
Jesse's laptop Kicked, stomped on, then smacked with a baseball bat. Screen destroyed and livestream cut short.
Jesse's table Flipped and stomped on. Wooden table undamaged. Metal frame likely warped.
Jesse Ridgway Ceiling and posts fallen on them while the room was being destroyed. Both escaped unharmed.
Zachary "Corn" Cornatzer
Jesse's door Chainsawed and thrown. Destroyed.
Jesse's PS4 Buried in the rubble. Recovered in RUNNING AWAY!.
Jesse's livestream Invaded. Cut short.


The video has been viewed over 2,460,000 times, receiving a positive consensus with a total amount of over 55,900 likes and over 7,500 dislikes.

Some commentators pointed out how it was a mistake on Jesse's part for spending his $2,500 on three PS4s, rather than using it to buy an apartment. Some have suggested that Jesse should have called the police, as Jeff Sr. could have killed both Jesse and Corn in the destruction. Others simply claimed that it's all staged, but admired the destruction.

Many viewers actually called the New Jersey Police department to report Jeffrey Sr.'s dangerous actions in this video. However, when they called them they would say that the situation is "already taken care of." This lead many viewers to think that this video was fake and that Jesse had called them ahead of time to ignore reports about this video and so they would know it was staged and not real.

If this video was real, it could've also been demonetized due to the fact Jeffrey Sr. committed potentially attempted murder.


  • Psycho Dad Demolishes Gaming Room shows that Jeffrey Sr. has a cruel personality and doesn't care if he makes trouble putting someone's life in danger, as he demolished the whole room with Jesse and Corn still inside.
  • Psycho Dad Demolishes Gaming Room is the second Psycho Video where Jeffrey Sr. destroys a gaming room that is worth thousands of dollars, the first being Psycho Dad Wrecks Car.
  • This is the last Psycho Video involving a Chainsaw.
  • Psycho Dad Demolishes Gaming Room is the third and final Psycho Video to occur during a live stream, the first being Psycho Dad Raids Stream and the second being Psycho Brother Smokes Out Stream.
    • Psycho Dad Demolishes Gaming Room is the only Psycho Video where the stream gets cut off (the laptop was demolished by Jeff Sr.).
  • Psycho Dad Demolishes Gaming Room has the same runtime as Psycho Dad Drowns Xbox.
  • Jeffrey Sr. possibly committed crime 2C:17-1 twice during this video.
    • Demolishing a room with people inside could lead to serious injury and death.
    • This could mean that Jeffrey Sr. could have been charged for attempted murder/domestic abuse.
  • Interestingly, Jeffrey Sr. destroyed Jesse's previous gaming lair (Eagle's Landing) in Psycho Dad Flattens Gaming Lair a year before.
    • He uses the same method of destruction, by destroying both gaming lairs with his backhoe.
    • While both events don't take place on the same day, they do take place in the same month.
    • This video along with "Psycho Dad Incinerates Fan Mail" were one of the classics for viewers as many found it satisfying that the "eyesore gaming shack" was demolished.
  • Psycho Dad Demolishes Gaming Room is the "Season 5" finale of the job arcs.
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