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Psycho Dad Destroys Nintendo Switch
Post Date April 1, 2017
Duration 9:18
Genre The Devil Inside Series Psycho Parody
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Video Transcript
"Jesse tries to do a speed-run on his new Nintendo Switch, but his crazy Dad catches him gaming when he shouldn't be..."
― Description

Psycho Dad Destroys Nintendo Switch is the first Devil Psycho Video, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on April 1st, 2017.


The video starts off with Jeffrey walking down the stairs to find out that Jesse took everything from the kitchen. Jesse claims that he is living in the basement and starts to cook up some food. He later asks Jeffrey if he had anything better to do. After Jesse's food is done, he grabs it and plays his Nintendo Switch. Jeffrey continues to bother Jesse and grabs the Nintendo Switch console causing Jesse's food to fall on him. Fast forward to Jeffrey going to Jeff Sr's bathroom. Jesse asks for some privacy and claims he is listening to Pandora. Jeffrey doesn't believe him and finds Jesse sitting on his dad's bathtub. Jeffrey calls Jeff Sr. but doesn't respond. Jesse, later on, let him use one of the Nintendo Switch controllers. Jeffrey gets confused with the controls and calls Jeff Sr a second time and this time he responded by knocking on the door. Jeffrey lets Jeff Sr in and finds Jesse playing his Nintendo Switch on his bathtub. Jeffrey tells Jeff Sr what Jesse did and it angers Jeff Sr causing him to throw Jesse's Nintendo Switch into the water. Jeff Sr recovers it and places it on the ground and is kicked to the rug by Jeffrey. Jesse notices his Nintendo Switch is still working and tries to retrieve it until Jeffrey distracts him. This allows Jeff Sr to smash Jesse's Nintendo Switch with a toolbar cracking the screen in the process. Jeff Sr tells Jesse he'll learn to stop gaming. Jesse looks at his broken Nintendo Switch and says that he can still get something out of it. Jeffrey asks "Does Gamestop have any 4DS trading values? This angers Jesse to throw his Nintendo Switch at Jeffrey. Jesse goes to his dad's bathtub and drowns himself so he can scream. Jeffrey laughs and looks at Jesse for a bit and then the video ends.




Victim Destructor Method of Damage Victim's Final Result
Jesse's Nintendo Switch Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. Thrown into the bathtub Submerged
Pounded Destroyed
Smashed multiple times with a toolbar Torn apart
Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. Kicked lightly Mostly damaged by Jeffrey Ridgway Sr.
Jesse Ridgway Smashed onto the ground in pieces Destroyed
Jesse's Chef Boyardee Ravioli Burned himself with the heat of his Chef Boyardee Ravioli. Spread everywhere on the floor. Very messy. Rendered inedible.
Jesse's Destroyed Nintendo Switch Thrown at Jeffery Jr. Unharmed
Jesse Ridgway Drowned his own self inside the bathtub to scream. Unharmed


  • This is the first Devil Psycho Video to be uploaded in the year (2017)
  • This video shows the video game The Binding of Isaac that was being played on Jesse's TV.
  • This is the first Devil Psycho Video to have something being destroyed inside a bathroom.
  • The F-Bomb was used many times in this video than in any other video having a record of 74 f-bombs used all with in this video.