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Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox
Post Date December 22, 2012
Duration 2:55
Genre Psycho Series
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Video Transcript
"Angry father sets fire to kid's Xbox then destroys it."

Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox (originally titled Dad Destroys Xbox) is the pilot episode of the Psycho Series, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on December 22, 2012. 


Heading home, an angry and psychotic father burns and destroys his son's Xbox.


Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. opens the video stating that his little brother, Jesse, is playing his Xbox 360 in the living room TV, which is owned by their father, Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. Jeffrey Jr. announces that he received a text from his father, saying that he will arrive home shortly. He then records Jesse playing on his father's TV until their father pulls into the driveway. Unaware, Jesse continues to play Skyrim. Eventually, Jeffrey Sr. comes inside and catches Jesse playing on his TV and, without hesitation, places Jesse's Xbox 360 into the fireplace. It starts to burn, but fortunately for Jesse, he is able to quickly recover it with minimal harm. But then, Jeffrey Sr. takes it outside and tosses it into the air, and it is destroyed on impact with the road, leaving it in pieces.

After a short argument with his father, Jesse realizes that Jeffrey Jr. is recording and orders him to stop. However, Jeffrey Jr. refuses to do so and instead watches Jesse sob outside.


Jesse soon found out that the video was uploaded on YouTube, and threatened to tell Jeffrey Sr. about it. After dealing with these threats for a while, Jeffrey Jr. finally made a plan to get revenge on Jesse on his birthday. Jesse did eventually show Jeffrey Sr. the video in Psycho Dad Axes Laptop, to his detriment however.




Victim Destructor Method of Damage Victim's Result
Xbox 360 Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. Thrown in the fireplace. Back burned
Thrown on the ground. Destroyed.


  • Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox is the only Psycho Video to be filmed in 2012.
  • Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox is the first shortest Psycho Video, after Psycho Brother Clips Head and Psycho Kid's Halloween Bloodbath.
  • Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox was uploaded the day after December 21, 2012, which was the day the ancient Mayans believed to be the day the world would end.
  • Originally, the video didn't have the word "psycho" in it, as revealed on the RiDGiD STUDiOS Facebook page. Instead, the video was simply called "Dad Destroys Xbox."
  • Coincidentally, the Psycho Series begins with Jesse playing video games and ends with Jeffrey Sr. playing video games.
  • This Psycho Video was remade in August 2016 with with roles reversed.
  • According to Jesse, Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox was intended to be a parody of the Greatest Freakout Ever and Angry Grandpa videos but after seeing everyone believing that it was real, he decided to conceive a story around and thus the Psycho Series is born.
  • This is Jesse's tweet right after he filmed the psycho video.
  • This was the first video on the Psycho Series
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