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Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox (Role Reversal)
Post Date August 3, 2016
Duration 3:36
Genre Skit
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Video Transcript
"Angry Father sets fire to his kid's Xbox then destroys it."

Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox (Role Reversal) is a skit, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on August 3, 2016. It is a parody of Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox, with the roles being swapped.


The video opens with Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. (played by Jesse Ridgway) zooming into his crotch as he states that his little brother, Jesse Ridgway (played by Jeffrey Ridgway Sr.) is playing his Xbox 360 on the living room TV, which is owned by their father, Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. (played by Jeffrey Ridgway Jr.). Jeffrey Jr. announces that he received a text from his father, saying that he will arrive home shortly. He then records Jesse playing on his father's TV, until Jesse notices him recording him. He tells his brother to leave him alone, but Jeffrey Jr. refuses to do so. While the two continue to bicker, their father eventually reaches home from his bike ride. Jeffrey Sr. then comes inside and catches Jesse playing on his TV. Without hesitation, he takes Jesse's Xbox 360 away then places it into the fireplace. It starts to burn, but fortunately for Jesse, he is able to quickly recover it with minimal harm. Before he could recover it, however, Jeffrey Sr. takes it outside and tosses it into the air, destroying it from the impact on the road.

After a short argument with his father, Jesse notices that Jeffrey Jr. is recording and orders him to stop. However, Jeffrey Jr. refuses to do so and instead watches Jesse sob outside. Jeffrey Sr. eventually enters in Jeffrey Jr.'s room and notices Jeffrey Jr. recording his brother. He then scolds him for letting him play on his TV and decides to record him instead. Nonetheless, Jeffrey Jr. cares less, even after being threatened by his father that he should take the camera away from him.




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