Psycho Dad Interrupts Powwow
Post Date November 2, 2015
Duration 13:39
Genre Vlog
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Video Transcript
"While trying to do a "Juggies Powwow", Jesse's Dad interrupts and causes a scene."

Psycho Dad Interrupts Powwow is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on November 2, 2015.


The video begins with Jesse and Corn in Jesse's room filming a new episode of "The Juggies Powwow". Jesse asks Corn who his favorite YouTuber is. Suddenly a knock comes on the door and Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. enters. Jesse asks him to leave because he is recording but Jeff Sr. says they need to discuss the garage issue from Halloween.[1] Jeff Sr. says what Jesse did was dangerous because of all the gas tanks in the garage when Jesse lit the fire. Jeff Sr. accuses Jesse of stirring things up with Jeffrey Jr's party. Jeff Sr. warns him not to do it again and gives Jesse his monthly bill then leaves. The two leave the room and get the bill from Jeff Sr.

Jesse looks at the bill and is surprised to see the dumpster has been included in the bill. Jesse thought his dad was helping him build the room for free. Jesse is further surprised to see fireworks are added to the bill as well as a lesson. Jesse is shocked that overall the bill is double what it used to be. Jesse argues that he shouldn't have to pay all these extra charges on the bill but eventually relents. Jesse says he will only be in the house for 2 more months and then will move out. Jesse starts to go back to his room but suddenly changes his mind and tells his dad that he overreacted on Halloween. Jeff Sr. is angry at this accusation and says Jesse acted stupidly. Jesse finally goes back to his room, and resumes the powwow.




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