Psycho Dad Launches Mii
Post Date July 15, 2016
Duration 5:02
Genre Skit
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"While on vacation, an angry Father chucks his son off the balcony."

Psycho Dad Launches Mii is a parody of Psycho Dad Launches Wii. It was uploaded on July 15, 2016 and is part of a series of skits that follow the Psycho series theme albeit in a humorous effect.


Jesse is playing his Wii in the basement, when his father suddenly comes in, yelling at Jesse, as he is not happy that Jesse is playing video games on vacation. His father then grabs the console, and storms upstairs, while Jesse follows him and protests. Jeffrey Sr. then threatens to throw it, but is talked down by Jesse and Larry. This causes him to toss the console onto the ground.

Jeffrey Sr. then grabs Jesse, and throwing him screaming off the deck, causing him to land on the grass. His father then says that he should've done this a long time ago, before getting yelled and berated at by his wife and Larry. Jeffrey Sr. says that Jesse deserved it for playing video games on vacation, before storming off with Theresa following him.

Larry then rushes down the stairs to see how badly injured Jesse is and sees Jesse lying on the ground, seeming hurted, Later on, however, Jesse is revealed to still be alive, but wearing a neck brace. After Tom remarks that he has to look down at him, Jesse utters "Fuck you, Tom!".



  • North Carolina


Victim Destructor Method Of Damage Victim's Final Result
Jesse Ridgway Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. Aimlessly thrown off the third-floor balcony. Rescued by Tom and Larry.
Nintendo Wii Threw onto the balcony floor. Undamaged.


  • Tom says "You know Jess? I used to look up at you, now I gotta look down at you." This is a reference from a quote in the vlog WHAT I COULDN'T DO..., where Tom says "I used to look up to you, now, I don't even want to look at you". It also shows Jesse in a neck brace, which is a reference to Larry's neck brace that he received in that same vlog, after the events of  Psycho Uncle Impacts Pool. Jesse also remarks, "I just want to stare at the sun", alluding to Uncle Larry's quote in the same vlog; "I just want to stare at the woods".
  • In resemblance to Psycho Dad Launches Wii, this video was also uploaded on the third Friday of July, baring a similar release to its original counterpart.
  • This video could very well be what Jesse's point of view from Psycho Dad Launches Wii instead of Uncle Larry's would've been like when his dad took the wii originally.
  • The term "Mii" in the title is a reference to the custom, digitalized avatar of a player, used on Nintendo platforms such as the Wii, 3DS, Wii U, and, to a lesser extent, the Nintendo Switch
    • It was also used as a pun for "me", as Jesse was referring to himself in the title and in contrast to a Wii; "Psycho Dad Launches Me".
  • When she discovers that Jeffrey Sr threw Jesse off the balcony, Theresa exclaims "What ails you?!", referencing Psycho Dad's famous quote.
  • this is the third Psycho Video parody.
  • When Jeff Sr. was about to throw Jesse off the balcony, you can see that he was holding a dummy as if Jesse was actually launched off the balcony, he would look injured with many bruises and blood marks.

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