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Psycho Dad Launches Wii
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Post Date July 17, 2015
Duration 4:46
Genre Psycho Series
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Video Transcript
"While on vacation, an angry Father chucks the house's Nintendo Wii into a lake."

Psycho Dad Launches Wii is the twenty-seventh episode of the Psycho Series, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on July 17, 2015.


While filming what was supposedly an episode of Chillin' and Grillin on the balcony of the Outer Banks, North Carolina vacation home, Tom and Uncle Larry overhear Jeffrey Sr. and Theresa arguing. After Uncle Larry asks them to have their argument in the front, Jeffrey Sr. storms inside of the house.

Uncle Larry and Tom attempt to continue their video, however, they hear the arguing again from inside the house, this time Jesse and Jeffrey Sr. are arguing. Jeffrey Sr. is fed up with the gaming Jesse is doing over vacation. Jeffrey Sr. takes a Wii that Jesse was supposedly playing at the time and then storms onto the balcony with Jesse pleading behind him. Jeffrey Sr. then throws the Wii off of the balcony and all the way into the lake. An argument begins, as it is first stated that Jeffrey Sr. didn't know that the Wii he threw was not a property of Jesse, but the house's. The next segment is stating Jeffrey Ridgway Jr.'s actions back at The Ridgway Residence. Jeffrey Sr. leaves in a fit of rage after the argument goes out of control.


The events later led to the events of STRANDED! *PSYCHO UPDATE*, where the Wii was recovered from the lake.


Psycho Dad Launches Wii was filmed by Tom and Jesse.


  • North Carolina


Victim Destructor Method of Damage Victim's Final Result
Vacation house's Nintendo Wii Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. Thrown into a lake. No longer functions


  • A following Psycho Video, Psycho Dad Shoots Xbox One has the same runtime as this video.
  • Psycho Dad Launches Wii is the third Psycho Video where a Nintendo system is destroyed. The first being Psycho Dad Pounds Nintendo DS, the second being Psycho Dad Grills Wii U and the fourth time being Psycho Dad Chucks Super Nintendo.
  • Psycho Dad Launches Wii is the only Psycho Video that Tom Abraham filmed.
  • Psycho Dad Launches Wii is the only Psycho video to take place entirely in state outside of New Jersey. In this case, North Carolina.
  • A parody of this video titled Psycho Dad Launches Mii was uploaded a year after this video was uploaded, and on the third Friday of July as well.
  • This is the last Psycho Video where the McJuggerNuggets channel made captions for. Approximately a year later, everyone was free to add captions to videos.
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