Psycho Dad Scares Children
Psycho Dad Scares Children
Post Date July 4, 2015
Duration 4:26
Genre Psycho Vlog
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Fourth of July *PSYCHO UPDATE*
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Video Transcript
"Mr. Ridgway traumatizes two long-time fans of Jesse for calling him "Psycho Dad"."

Psycho Dad Scares Children is a Psycho Vlog and former Psycho Video uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on July 4, 2015 (Independence Day).


Jesse, his family, and his girlfriend walk on a family campground towards a fireworks show. Along the way, they come across two teenagers who happen to be long time Juggies. They greet Jesse and the rest of his friends and family, including Jeffrey Sr., who they refer to as Psycho Dad. Jeffrey Sr. takes offense to this, and confronts Jesse and the teenagers about their apparent disrespect to him. They defend their actions by claiming that Psycho Dad was his name in the videos uploaded to YouTube until their parents come out and confront Jeffrey Sr. about the argument. Not wanting to get into further trouble, the mother of the teenagers asks them to come inside while their father shakes hands with Jeffrey Sr. to settle the argument.

Jeffrey Sr. walks away as Jesse and Theresa reprimand him for overreacting, after which Jesse states that he doesn't want to attend the fireworks show with him. After the argument, the remaining four family members consider giving out two of their merchandise shirts to the kids for free.



  • Psycho Dad Scares Children is the first video where Jeffrey Sr. argues with someone who isn't part of the family.
  • Psycho Dad Scares Children was in the Psycho Series playlist, but Jesse later moved it to the Vlog playlist.
    • When it was a Psycho Video, Psycho Dad Scares Children was the first Psycho Video where Jeffrey Jr. did not appear. This honor now belongs to Psycho Dad Launches Wii.
    • The probable reason this is no longer a Psycho Video is because Jeffrey Sr. did not throw a lengthy fit (which was fairly common for him at the time), but just yelled and complained.
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