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Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games (Role Reversal)
Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games (Role Reversal).jpg
Post Date September 10, 2016
Duration 3:22
Genre Skit
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Video Transcript
"An angry Father runs over his son's video games with a lawnmower."

Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games (Role Reversal) is a skit uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on September 10, 2016. It is a parody of Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games, with the roles being swapped.


Jesse (played by Jeffrey Sr.) is unable to find his games, upon realizing that his father (played by Jesse) sneakily raided his room and confiscated them. Jesse then notices his whiteboard saying:

"Get a job! Get a life! No more games!!!!!"

Jesse finds him outside, with a lawnmower at the ready. Jesse attempts to reason with his father, arguing that he is really good at gaming and that he wants to make a job out of it, to no avail as Jeffrey Sr. says that he's gotta have a job while gaming too. He then says that he will mow the games over, in order for him to get out of his room and look for a job. Jesse attempts to grab them, saying he'll never stop playing but is unable to as the games are mowed seconds after. Jesse then bawls over the destruction of his games for a couple of seconds before he realizes that Jeffrey Jr. (played by Jeffrey Jr himself) is filming him, and he attempts to ward him off.

The camera then cuts to Jesse standing over the remains of his games, exclaiming that he hates his family, before letting out a loud scream of sadness. He then starts picking up some of the remains of his games, even coming across a case that survived the carnage fully intact, although he throws it back on the ground when he finds that the disc isn't inside.




  • Jeffrey Jr. is the only actor in this video who's role wasn't swapped, marking the first time in a role-swapped Psycho Video where one character is portrayed by the same actor from the Psycho Series.

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