Psycho Family Apology
Post Date December 6, 2014
Duration 6:58
Genre Psycho Series
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"Jesse apologizes to his family for ruining Thanksgiving. Matters get worse when Jesse's Dad questions his ability to make a living off of Youtube and video games."

Psycho Family Apology is the twelfth episode of the Psycho Series, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on December 6, 2014.


After Thanksgiving, Jesse Ridgway comes to terms and attempts to apologize to his family for the holiday gone wrong, as well as the YouTube viewers and confesses that the Thanksgiving event was not his normal behavior. He first apologizes to Jeffrey Ridgway Jr., and asks him to take the camera so that he can film him apologizing to his mother, Theresa Ridgway.

Jesse then enters the living room to apologize to Theresa for destroying the feast, especially since she cooked most of the food. Although Theresa is upset with him for not apologizing earlier, she accepts. Jeffrey Sr., unexpectedly emerges from his room and is angry for not getting an apology. This was a misunderstanding as Jesse wasn't finished with his mother and was going to apologize to his father next. Jeffrey Sr. then engages in an argument with Jesse about his YouTube career and how he won't get a job in real life, to which Jesse argues that he can become big on YouTube and make money from it. However, when that ends and when Jesse leaves the room, Jeffrey Sr. states that Jesse will not get any Christmas gifts. After trying in vain to argue against this, Jesse then leaves in anger.

In the end of the video, Jeffrey Jr. enters Jesse's room and says, "I think it went pretty well.", in a sarcastic tone. Jesse responds with, "Shut the fuck up" in a quiet tone and the video ends with Jeffery Jr. laughing.




Victim Destructor Method of Damage Victim's Final Result
Jesse's tripod Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. Accidentally dropped onto the floor. Destroyed (according to Jesse)


  • Psycho Family Apology is the first Psycho Video where Jesse has his hair gelled.
  • Psycho Family Apology is the first Psycho Video to have "Psycho Family" in the title.
  • Psycho Family Apology marked the first time Jesse gave his trademark "Hey there, Juggies! It's your old pal, McJuggerNuggets, here..." in a Psycho video.
  • Psycho Family Apology reinforces Jesse's claims that he has a bipolar disorder, as while he argues with his dad, he goes from calm and polite, to angry and shouting, which is common behavior from someone with a bipolar disorder. He does not confirm his exact condition until Psycho Relationship Problems
  • Jeffrey Sr. seems surprised when he hears that "millions" of people have seen "them," however in Psycho Dad Axes Laptop, which was uploaded six months prior, Jeffrey Sr. obtains the knowledge that two million people have seen Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox, therefore it should not be news to him, unless he forgot.
  • Psycho Family Apology is 1 of 2 Psycho Videos that only contain one cuss word, the word was "Fuck" at the very end of the video. The second Psycho Video to only contain one cuss word was Psycho Kid Torches Christmas Tree and the word was yet again, "Fuck".
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