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Psycho Kid Kills Father
Post Date June 6, 2016
Duration 15:34
Genre Psycho Series
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Video Transcript
"Jesse escapes from the room and attempts to get his money back."

Psycho Kid Kills Father is the forty-ninth and penultimate episode of the Psycho Series, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on June 6, 2016.


The Psycho Series

"That's the last thing you say to me, is that the video games made me this way? The games? No, Dad! It was you... you... YOU MADE ME THIS WAAAY!!! YOU MADE ME THIS WAAAAYYYY!!!!!!"
―Psycho Kid before shooting Psycho Dad

As the video begins, Jeffrey Ridgway Jr. films upstairs in Jesse Ridgway's bedroom. Jeffrey is confused, and questionsJeffrey Ridgway Sr. on why he took Jesse's stuff. Jeffrey Sr. curtly responds by saying he put them in storage because Jesse 'disrespected him'. Jeffrey Jr. then asks where Jesse is, Jeffrey Sr. tells him he is in the basement, filming.

Jeffrey Jr. heads to the basement and finds Jesse in the former fan mail room, sat on the floor, in the act of hiding something. Surprised by the writing on the wall and possibly by Jesse's appearance, Jeffrey Jr. questions him. Jesse suddenly pulls out a gun (secretly given to him by Corn), to Jeffrey's shock. Despite Jeffrey's pleas, Jesse refuses to put the gun down and tells his brother to shut up. In a clearly agitated state, Jesse directs his brother upstairs, following him to finally confront his father.

Despite Jeffrey Sr., having realized that Jesse had his revolver with him the whole time, trying to furiously order Jesse to put the gun down, Jesse angrily refuses and only continues to silence him while holding his father at gunpoint, accusing Jeff Sr. of all the abuse, vandalism, damage and destruction he had caused over the years as well as the one responsible for completely destroying Jesse's life, eventually declaring that his son is now in control. He then asks his father where the money is, but Jeff Sr. says that it is no longer here in which Jesse doesn't believe him. After Jesse demands to his father to know what the code is to the safe as Jeff Sr. refuses to answer, he finally reveals to Jesse that the combination to the safe is 86-40-12. Jesse asks if his father is just lying to him because he doesn't know if he's lying or not, because normally they hate each other. Jesse then asks Jeff Sr. for any last words he wants to tell him before he leaves the house for good. Heartbroken, a saddened Jeffrey Sr. replies that he failed Jesse as a father, claiming that the video games made him what he done. Tearfully and enraged, Jesse screams at Jeffrey Sr. that he caused him to become how he is and not the video games before fatally shooting his father in the heart with the gun, killing him and, supposedly, finally ending up to four years of torment.

Jeffrey Jr. attempts to stop Jesse from what he is doing, but Jesse proceeds to tell his brother to back off before he snatches off his camera. Jesse goes downstairs into the basement and after using the correct code Jeff Sr. had told him, finally retrieves the money from the safe before he sees a picture of the happy Ridgway family together. After returning upstairs, Jesse prepares to leave, but Jeffrey Jr. stops him by coldly telling Jesse he has five minutes to leave the house or he will have the police called over to arrest him and take Jesse away while a presumably deceased Jeff Sr. is seen lying dead in the background. Having heard what his brother just said to him and fearing that he will get arrested and locked up in prison for committing murder, a terrified Jesse leaves the gun on the ground at the scene of the crime, takes Jeffrey Sr.'s truck keys and steals his dad's truck. While Jesse is backing up Jeff Sr.'s truck, the video cuts where the corpse of his father is lying on the ground with blood on his chest.

The video ends with Jesse leaving the Ridgway Residence for good in Jeffrey Sr.'s truck with the money, only to reveal two bundles of cash ($12,000) in the bag instead of the original $30,000 that was in there. Infuriated that his father has spent most of the money, Jesse lets out a very loud war cry of rage before the screen cuts to black, ending the video.

The Devil Inside Series

Season 2 & 3

As we see in THE DEVIL'S LOST SOULS!, sometime after the events of the video in which Jesse killed his father and fled to Switzerland, The Devil transports into the Psycho Series realm and walks into the living room to apparently steal Psycho Dad's soul, placing it into the red gem. Ironically, The Devil was allegedly the one to (supposedly) revive him when Jeff Sr. finds the Necklace on the pool table in the basement and puts it on at the end of SNAP INTO IT!. However, there is the continuing argument whether or not Tom (possibly under The Devil's influence) revived Psycho Dad in the Psycho Series graphic novel.

Season 4

In Psycho Dad Destroys Eagle's Landing, Swift, in a desperate attempt to get money, gives Psycho Kid the code to the safe through the Mirror, preventing the events of the video from happening.




Victim Destructor/Thief Method of Death/Damage/Theft Victim's Final Result
Nintendo Entertainment System Jesse Ridgway Unplugged violently, fell off table (bts version). Undamaged
Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. Jesse Ridgway Fatally shot in the heart with his own revolver. Deceased, (revived in novel)
Jeffrey Sr.'s truck Stolen and driven away. Left remained parked at the airport in Psycho Kid Flees Country.


Psycho Kid Kills Father was met with mixed-to-negative reviews. Many viewers claimed Psycho Kid Kills Father was fake since the pistol appeared to be plastic and at 14:27, one could see Jeffrey Sr. breathing while he is supposedly dead. Many viewers also noted that this video would not have been uploaded if Jeffrey Sr. was actually murdered, as uploading graphic content is a major violation of YouTube's community guidelines. Psycho Kid Kills Father holds 101k likes and 111k dislikes as of August 17, 2016.

After the video was uploaded, the channel's subscriber count went into a free fall - falling immensely from the 3 million sub count inched recently at the time, until a few days later when the subscriber count went back to normal. The video, as well as the entire Psycho Series was proven fake in Psycho Kid Flees Country, leading to Jesse appearing on the YouTube news channel DramaAlert, who did an interview with Jesse on July 1, 2016.[1]


  • In terms of Jeff Sr.'s death, Psycho Kid Kills Father bares some similarities to the 2014 McJuggerNuggets skit DISNEY SONGS IN REAL LIFE
    • Jeff Sr. "died" the same way he did in DISNEY SONGS IN REAL LIFE, being shot in the chest.
    • Jesse left the firearm he used to kill his father at the scene of the murder.
  • A majority of Jesse's money missing was foreseen by Corn in MOMENT OF PEACE & SILENCE due to the fact that Jeffrey Sr. somehow had enough money to go on vacation and install a gate.
  • This video gained a lot of views within its upload, racking up 2 million views within 17 hours of its upload time.
  • This episode in some ways mirrors the first episode, Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox; it begins with Jeffrey Jr. filming in the same room and then walking out to the living room, with, instead of Jesse playing video games, it's Jeffrey Sr. In the first episode, Jeffrey, Sr.'s truck is pulling into the driveway, symbolizing the beginning of the series, and in this episode, his truck pulls out of the driveway, symbolizing the end of the series.
  • At the end of the video, Jesse screams, and the screen goes black while Jesse's screaming can still be heard, this also happened in Psycho Mom Divorces Husband.
  • The moment Jesse truly becomes the Psycho Kid is when he kills his father.
  • This video is considered to be the fakest video in the Psycho Series out of every video, because if the events shown in the video truly happened, not only would the video be taken down, the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel would most likely be terminated, and Jesse would be arrested for the murder of his father. Also, Jeffrey Sr. is not afraid of Jesse at all, despite the fact that Jesse is pointing a loaded gun at his face. This could have been done to hint at the series being staged, being the penultimate episode.
  • This is the third time firearms have been used in a Psycho Video, the first one being Psycho Family Hunting and the second being Psycho Dad Shoots Xbox One.
  • The thumbnail for the video was cropped and used for the thumbnail for #ASKAGP; ANGRY GRANDPA SAYS GOODBYE TO...
  • This video actually appears to have been foreshadowed in earlier videos such as:
    • HE'S A PSYCHOPATH! where Jesse angrily scribbles a stick figure drawing on his whiteboard of him shooting his father.
    • PANICKIN' AND BURNIN'! where Larry mentions of a 'what if' scenario if he had left a gun behind to shoot Jeff Sr. with.
    • MOVING IN w/ AUNT MELISSA!, where Aunt Melissa foreshadows him killing Jeffrey Sr. by mentioning about her finding it out online or on the news and Jesse going to jail for the rest of his life because of it.
    • Psycho Dad Woodchips Wii U, where Jesse points a nerf pistol at Jeffrey Sr.
    • Psycho Dad Pounds Nintendo DS, where Jesse admits near the end of the video that he sometimes wishes Jeffrey Sr. never existed.
    • Psycho Dad Chucks Super Nintendo, where Jesse suppresses laughing at Jeffrey Sr. when he fell down the steps.
    • Psycho Family Therapy, where Dr. Nelson asks Jesse if he has ever wanted to hurt Jeffery Sr., to which Jesse replies "No, that's crazy."
    • Psycho Kid Moves Out, where Jesse says "I'm gonna fucking kill him" after Jeffrey Sr. locks his money in the safe. Coincidentally, this is how Jesse was able to take back the money Jeffrey Sr. stole from him in said video.
    • Psycho Uncle Impacts Pool, in which Larry drives his Ford F-150 into the swimming pool in an attempt to assassinate Psycho Dad as a payback for destroying his trailer.
    • WHAT I COULDN'T DO..., where Larry admits that he believes Jeffrey Sr. deserves to die.
  • Jeffrey Sr. was playing Bases Loaded II: Second Season during the recording.
  • The part where Jesse thinks for a moment before shooting Jeffery Sr. ties back to Psycho Kid Smashes TV where in that video Jesse also thinks for a moment before snapping and destroying the TV.
  • In Psycho Dad Woodchips Wii U at the end, Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. says that "IT'S A SHAME IT HAD TO COME TO THIS", but in this video Jesse is heard to be saying the same exact thing "IT'S A SHAME, IT'S A REAL DAMN SHAME IT HAD TO COME TO THIS".
  • This is the first and only Psycho Video to reveal Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. having a sad breakdown right in front of Jesse.
  • This video was uploaded on date 666 which is the mark of the Devil.
  • After Jesse left the crime scene, The Devil shows up and used a gem on Jeffrey Sr., reviving him. It was said in a My Virtual Escape episode, double-cross, that after Jeffrey Sr. was revived, he gave the gun that Jesse used to kill him to Solomon and told everything that happened with him and his son.
  • The episode is based off a scene from Full Metal Jacket where Gomer Pyle kills SGT Hartman but instead of Jesse getting his demise, he kills Jeff Sr. and take's off with the money.
  • This is the first Psycho video since Psycho Dad's Drunken Rant to not have a Psycho Update.
  • This is the third most popular video of the McJuggerNuggets channel.
  • This is one of the dangerous stunts a character has ever done in a Psycho Series episode as Jeffrey Sr. could have died if gun wound was too severe, but the gunshot gave him a little bleeding in the chest
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