Psycho Kid Torches Christmas Tree
Post Date December 25, 2014
Duration 5:48
Genre Psycho Series
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"An angry gamer sets fire to the family Christmas tree because he doesn't get a Wii U."

Psycho Kid Torches Christmas Tree is the thirteenth episode of the Psycho Series, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on December 25, 2014.


On Christmas morning, Jeffrey Jr. and Jesse are on their last present each to unwrap. Jesse hopes to get a Wii U, but instead gets a pair of reindeer antlers that light up, whilst Jeffrey Jr. gets an Xbox One (that he didn't even ask for).

Furious about not getting anything he wanted for Christmas, Jesse drags the Christmas tree outside and pours gasoline on it. While Jeffrey Jr. tells Jesse that it isn't all about what you get for Christmas, Jesse ignores him and sets fire to the tree. Jeffrey Sr. realizes there's a fire and gets angry with Jesse thinking that video games have "fried his mind." Jesse tosses the reindeer antlers onto the flaming Christmas tree, incinerating them as well. Jeffrey Sr. then chases Jesse and carries him half naked inside the house whilst Jesse screams about telling his therapist while Theresa puts out the fire.

Later Theresa asks Jesse to come to his room. Jesse then is warmed up to the heart when he realizes that he did get a Wii U - Theresa had bought it behind Jeffrey Sr.'s back, and never put it under the tree.




Victim Destructor Method of Damage Victim's Final Result
Christmas tree Jesse Ridgway Set on fire. Destroyed.
Decorations Dropped on the ground & set on fire.
Jesse's reindeer antlers Thrown in the fire.


Psycho Kid Torches Christmas Tree was met with positive to mixed reactions. It currently holds over 11,500,000 views, 90,900 likes, and 13,900 dislikes. 

It is one of the few videos with many viewers criticizing Jesse for ruining Christmas just because he didn't get a Wii U (after he had been previously told that he wouldn't be getting one). Jesse responded to these criticisms in the following update video, and stated that he wasn't sorry for burning the Christmas tree, stating that he was on good terms with Theresa and that he didn't need to apologize to Jeffrey Jr. or Jeffrey Sr. as he didn't care about the former and felt that the latter deserved it.


  • Psycho Kid Torches Christmas Tree is the last Psycho video to be uploaded in 2014.
  • Psycho Kid Torches Christmas Tree is the first Psycho Video where Jeffrey Sr. doesn't wear a cap at all, instead wearing a Santa hat.
  • Psycho Kid Torches Christmas Tree is the first Psycho Video to have a (somewhat) happy ending, due to Theresa giving Jesse a Wii U, despite the fact that he burned the family Christmas tree.
  • Psycho Kid Torches Christmas Tree is very similar to Wafflepwn's How the Stephen Stole Christmas(ORIGINAL VIDEO), as in both videos, the main character burns the Christmas tree because they initially didn't get the Christmas presents they wanted.
  • Psycho Kid Torches Christmas Tree is the only Psycho Video where you can hear Jeffrey Sr. laughing.
  • The same Santa hat Jeff Sr. wears is also seen in Psycho Dad Incinerates Fan Mail.
  • Psycho Kid Torches Christmas Tree is the third Psycho Video where Jesse gets chased (but the first time chased by Jeff Sr.). First being Psycho Brother's Filming Freakout and the second Psycho Dad Axes Laptop.
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