Psycho Relationship Problems
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Post Date May 16, 2015
Duration 20:04
Genre Vlog
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Psycho Relationship Problems is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on May 16, 2015.


The video starts with Jesse and his girlfriend's dad taste testing meat for lunch that day, followed by his girlfriend's family and Jesse eating lunch. After all members of his girlfriend's family go to sleep, Jesse and his girlfriend stay up for a while to play Super Mario 64.

The next day, his girlfriend records Jesse arguing with Jeffrey Sr. over lawns that Jesse was apparently supposed to help him mow that day. Because of this, he needed to go home, although he didn't want to, as his girlfriend was going on a trip to Italy for two weeks, and he wanted to be with her before she left. Jesse comes back inside, and becomes angry at his girlfriend for filming the argument with his dad, to which his girlfriend apologizes.

The camera cuts to the two attempting to perform the song Shut Up And Dance! with his girlfriend singing and playing the guitar while Jesse dances around with a toy worm. They make numerous attempts to complete the song in one take, though his girlfriend keeps messing up as she doesn't have the words memorized, which irritates Jesse as he needs to leave right after they're finished.

Eventually, Jesse snaps and yells at his girlfriend for not being able to get the song right, then he goes to retrieve his things and walks out to his car. His girlfriend confronts him about his behavior, understanding the situation about his dad but that she and her family wouldn't want to get involved with Jesse if he were to behave like that. Jesse breaks down crying, apologizing for his actions and reminding his girlfriend that he's bipolar, and is prone to these types of behavior. The video ends with his girlfriend helping Jesse pack his car and the two hugging.



Many viewers criticized Jesse for getting into a fight with his girlfriend over an issue that she's not even a part of, and that he's lucky to even have a girlfriend knowing the situation he's in with his dad.


  • Not long after Psycho Relationship Problems was released, his girlfriend tweeted that she still loved Jesse and noted that there was "just a lot of craziness" going on.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Jesse has bipolar disorder.
  • Despite the name of the title and how it's typed, this is not part of the Psycho Series as it is not in the Psycho Series playlist.
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