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Psycho Series
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Creator Jesse Ridgway
No. of episodes (684 Episodes - The Complete Psycho Series)
(50 Psycho Episodes)

Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox
Psycho Brother's Filming Freakout
Psycho Dad Axes Laptop
Psycho Brother Clips Head
Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games
Psycho Kid Smashes TV
Psycho Dad Drowns Xbox
Psycho Dad Wrecks Car
Psycho Kid's Halloween Bloodbath
Psycho Dad Chainsaws Xbox One
Psycho Kid Ruins Thanksgiving
Psycho Family Apology
Psycho Kid Torches Christmas Tree
Psycho Dad Raids Stream
Psycho Girlfriend Breaks iPad
Psycho Dad Shatters Youtube Play Button
Psycho Dad Pounds Nintendo DS
Psycho Brother's Frozen Lockout
Psycho Dad Crashes WoW LAN Party
Psycho Dad Grills Wii U
Psycho Dad Flattens Gaming Lair
Psycho Dad Reacts to One Million Juggies
Psycho Kid Gets Arrested
Psycho Family Therapy
Psycho Dad Buries Video Games
Psycho Brother's Kung-Fu Freakout
Psycho Dad Launches Wii
Psycho Brother Smokes Out Stream
Psycho Kid Crushes PS4
Psycho Dad Answers Questions
Psycho Dad Busts Down Door
Psycho Kid's Birthday Bash
Psycho Kid Submerges Motorcycle
Psycho Family Halloween
Psycho Brother Stomps Glasses
Psycho Mom Divorces Husband
Psycho Dad Splits Computer
Psycho Dad Trashes Store
Psycho Dad's Drunken Rant
Psycho Kid Moves Out
Psycho Dad Chucks Super Nintendo
Psycho Dad Incinerates Fan Mail
Psycho Dad Woodchips Wii U
Psycho Family Hunting
Psycho Dad Shoots Xbox One
Psycho Dad Demolishes Gaming Room
Psycho Dad Rips Apart Trailer
Psycho Uncle Impacts Pool
Psycho Kid Kills Father
Psycho Kid Flees Country

Series type YouTube Series
Original run December 22, 2012 - June 6, 2016
"Two brothers fight each other while dealing with their psychotic father."
―Playlist Description

The Psycho Series is a web series created by McJuggerNuggets and his production company RiDGiD STUDiOS. The series tells the events relating to a conflict between Jesse Ridgway, his annoying brother, and his psychotic father. The series spanned for roughly three 1/2 years and consisted of 50 "main" Psycho videos and 684 episodes including vlogs.

The Psycho Series garnered acclaim from viewers and led to Jesse Ridgway's success on the video streaming platform YouTube.


The episodes in the Psycho Series and the vlogs which accompany them occur in sequential order to the YouTube videos. The series started on December 22, 2012 and eventually ended on June 6, 2016.


These events occur before the series and in the earlier moments leading up to the series.

  • Jesse, Jeffrey Jr., Jeffrey Sr, Theresa, and all of their family and friends support the growing channel "McJuggerNuggets"
  • Jesse's channel is beginning to grow further.
  • Dad begins to grow affectionate to the TV in the living room. He reminds Jeffrey and Jesse that they aren't allowed to use it under any circumstances, but they often ignore this.
  • Jeffrey is prepared to film Dad's next flip-out as a prank, to humiliate Jesse's McJuggerNuggets channel.
  • Dad returns one evening after work to find Jesse using his TV, so he burns and throws Jesse's Xbox 360, destroying it in the process (Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox)
  • Jesse learns that Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox has been uploaded and threatens Jeffrey Jr. to tell their father about it for some time.
  • A year later, Jeffrey has gotten sick of Jesse's blackmailing and pranks him by beginning a shootout with his friends, and destroying his camera in the process as an act of revenge for his humiliation. (Psycho Brother's Filming Freakout)
  • Jesse then becomes annoyed at his broken possessions. He attempts to gain revenge by showing his Dad the Psycho Videos on YouTube, which results in the destruction of Jeffrey's laptop. He then forces Jesse to show it to his brother, which results in a chase. (Psycho Dad Axes Laptop)
  • Jesse has grown his hair long ever since, so Jeffrey pranks him by cutting it in his sleep. (Psycho Brother Clips Head)

Job Concern

Dad becomes very concerned that Jesse needs to find a job and stop playing video games after he graduates from college.

  • Jesse's dad gets concerned about Jesse's future.
  • He eventually comes to the conclusion that the video games are the main reason why Jesse won't get a job.
  • Jesse comes home one day to find all of his video games have been taken out of their cases and put on the lawn. A message reading "GET A JOB! GET A LIFE!!! No more GAMES!!!!! -Dad" is written on Jesse's whiteboard.
  • Dad shreds these games with a lawnmower as Jesse refuses to admit that he hasn't gotten a decent job which causes him to scream in agony and cry in sadness. (Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games)
  • After this, Jesse invites his friend Buzz to the house to do some YouTube videos. Jesse was grounded from video games for two weeks at the time by Jeffrey Sr. for refusing to find a job outside of YouTube. Buzz brings a Game Boy Advance SP along, which is tossed on the floor (but not destroyed) by Dad. Jesse gets enraged and smashes Dad's TV. Psycho Dad kicks Jesse out of the house for the night and goes to Buzz's home. He was allowed back in and presumably grounded for an extended period of time. (Psycho Kid Smashes TV)
  • Jesse then acquires another Xbox 360, however he knows he cannot play it because he is grounded until he applies for a job. Therefore, he moves into the Morton Building to sneak it from his Dad. Jeffrey Jr. finds out about his video game stash while Jesse is taking a dump and tells Psycho Dad after Jesse returns. He soon catches Jesse off guard and throws his Xbox into the pool. (Psycho Dad Drowns Xbox)
  • Jesse decides to search for a job, and gets an interview.
  • After driving home, his Dad discovered that he had previously repaired the Xbox, using some of Mom's money so he destroys Jesse's car, obliging him to pay for the damage. (Psycho Dad Wrecks Car)
  • Jesse acquires an Xbox One.
  • Halloween is approaching, so Dad, Jeffrey and Corn play a prank of Jesse by squirting him with ketchup and scaring him with a chainsaw. (Psycho Kid's Halloween Bloodbath)
  • Jesse gains revenge by doing same with his parents. However, he forgets to remove the blades from the chainsaw, making it a rather dangerous prank. They get concerned and eventually Jeff blames the video games for teaching Jesse the violence, and promptly chainsaws and sledgehammers the Xbox One which upsets him greatly. He did eventually get a replacement from his mom.(Psycho Dad Chainsaws Xbox One)
  • The family begins to have massive preparations for the Thanksgiving feast
  • Many of the Ridgways' friends and family are invited over for Thanksgiving and eventually Dad begins humiliating Jesse, causing him to flip the table and embarrass the family. (Psycho Kid Ruins Thanksgiving)
  • Jesse then apologizes, which is not taken lightly when he talks to his Dad. (Psycho Family Apology)
  • It is agreed that Jesse will not receive any major presents for Christmas, due to his faults.
  • Jesse is jealous that he only received Reindeer Ears, and Jeffrey received an Xbox. He then burns the Christmas tree, resulting in a chase with his Dad. (Psycho Kid Torches Christmas Tree)
  • Jesse's mom gives him a Wii U without Dad knowing.
  • Jesse celebrates 100,000 subscribers, and receives a YouTube Play Button.

Jeffrey's Antagonizing

This is the point where Jeffrey begins to manipulate Dad so Jesse can lose more possessions. Although Dad still feels as if Jesse needs to get a job, Jeffrey is the primary reason why any further Psycho Videos occur and therefore the main antagonist.

  • Jesse decides to stream Minecraft using Jeffrey's Xbox One. Jeffrey eventually finds out, and informs Dad as Jesse starts to insult him on the stream. This causes Dad to smash the monitor. Jesse has a freakout, unaware he is doing so in front of his stream, which is still running. He then proves to the audience that the Psycho Videos are real (except for those Jeffrey sets up, but the reactions are still unstaged). (Psycho Dad Raids Stream)
  • Jeffrey discovers the Play Button, and is jealous as he filmed most of the Psycho videos (which are the primary reason why McJuggerNuggets is as popular as it is).
  • Jesse then gains revenge on Jeffrey again by filming his breakup with his girlfriend Kate, resulting in the destruction of an iPad (which is later revealed to be an Android tablet). (Psycho Girlfriend Breaks iPad)
  • Jesse celebrates 500,000 subscribers by doing a video showcasing a household celebration, however Jeffrey runs off with the Play Button. They arouse their dad, who destroys the trophy to end the conflict. Both Jesse and Jeffrey are upset. (Psycho Dad Shatters YouTube Play Button)
  • Jesse and his dad are invited onto the British TV show Virtually Famous. They travel to London, where they are recorded for the show. After the show, Jeff Sr. destroys and soaks Jesse's Nintendo DS as he has been overusing it during the trip. (Psycho Dad Pounds Nintendo DS)
  • Upon their return to the US, Jeffrey pranks Jesse by interrupting his Wii U gaming session by informing him that a new Play Button has arrived. He locks him out of the house once he leaves, and will not let him back in until he takes his clothes off and makes a snow angel. Mom eventually lets him back in. (Psycho Brother's Frozen Lockout)
  • Mark and Corn decide to have a LAN party at Jesse's house. They suspect things coming so they bring low-end laptops. As Jeffrey invaded this party late at night, Dad is woken up, argues with Jesse for waking him up, and flips the table when Jesse calls him crazy, destroying all laptops on it. Corn is not seen again in a McJuggerNuggets video for quite some time after this. (Psycho Dad Crashes WoW LAN Party)


Jesse is eventually booted from the house. Therefore, his YouTube videos are almost exclusively vlogs uploaded via Jeffrey's laptop (during the stay at Eagle's Landing) and by other means.

  • Jeffrey and Jesse agree to smash some of Dad's childhood trophies for the destruction of the Play Button, and other electronics. Jesse eventually confronts Dad and does this. Dad grabs Jesse's Wii U (as Jeffrey refused to lock the door) and grills it straight through. Jesse flips the grill in retaliation, causing conflict from his parents. Jesse is instantly booted from the house. (Psycho Dad Grills Wii U)
  • Jesse spends the night in the Morton Building with supplies he was given from Mom and Jeffrey.
  • Jesse sets up a tent he names "Eagle's Landing" in the backyard, hoping his Dad won't find out. He eventually grabs electronics and powers the tent.
  • Jesse does a supply run into the house to grab Skyrim to play on his new Xbox 360. His Dad nearly finds him thanks to Jeffrey attempting to give him away.
  • Jesse eventually does another supply run, to prank his dad, and he discovers the tent but doesn't care.
  • Jesse is then called out by his dad to warn him of his actions, destroying his microphone in the process.
  • Jesse then lights a campfire as a prank, and receives a letter from Dad that his electricity has been cut and that he should consider staying at a friends house. (Message From Psycho Dad)
  • Jesse, after viewing on Twitter what he should do, plugs in the cord to his tent using the house's power.
  • The next day, Dad finds that Jesse disobeyed his order to not use the electricity, so he runs it over the tent with a backhoe, destroying all the electronics and Jeffrey's laptop in the process. (Psycho Dad Flattens Gaming Lair)
  • Jeffrey creates his own YouTube channel named BigBrudda.
  • Jesse relocates to Zack's house temporarily.
  • He then decides to move to Pennsylvania to live with his girlfriend.
  • Jesse acquires a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
  • He then relocates to his Uncle Larry's house upon recommendation from his followers on Twitter. He does not mind Jesse's gaming addiction.
  • He then receives a voicemail from Dad outlining that he needs to get a job. (Voicemail From Psycho Dad)
  • Jesse then sets up Phoenix Landing, a second gaming lair.
  • Jesse steals some of Larry's Corona, who confronts him about this. Dad then visits Larry, who is trying to hide Jesse in his house. Jesse becomes suspicious that he is scheming things. Jesse and Larry agree to put an end to Psycho Dad's plot. (Psycho Dad Surprise Visit)
  • Jesse finds that his cousin Tom had informed Dad that he has relocated to Larry's house, and confronts him about this. But they manage to reconcile afterwards.
  • Jeffrey smashes more trophies on Dad's lawn to frame Jesse. He also initiates a paintball prank, which was reversed by Jesse as he has seen the video.
  • Dad storms into Larry's house and they have a big fight after Dad destroys a fold up chair and a DS Lite Jesse received in his fan mail. Jesse is then allowed in the RV, which is heavily guarded from Dad. (Psycho Dad Fights Uncle Larry)
  • Jeffrey's YouTube channel is hacked by a Juggie posing as a member of the internet activist group Anonymous (later, it was revealed that it truly WAS Anonymous).
  • Jesse celebrates 1,000,000 subscribers. Larry and Tom are actually excited too.
  • Jeffrey graffiti's the RV, believing Jesse was the one who hacked the BigBrudda channel.
  • A few days later, he drives the RV off to Dad's house, again in retaliation for the hacking. Jesse shows Dad a message he put together explaining that YouTube can earn money. He also shows him that Jeffrey destroyed the trophies, despite the video being deleted in the hacking. He smashes Jeffrey's most expensive camera and gets mad at him for setting everything up. (Psycho Dad Reacts to One Million Juggies)
  • Jesse is allowed back in the house under the condition that he's paying him and working for him for free.

Return to Ridgway Household

These events take place after Jesse is allowed in the house.

  • The family goes to a wedding, where Dad and Larry argue over Jeffrey's dangerous prank.
  • Jesse and some of his friends play basketball with Larry.
  • On May 5, 2015, Jesse returns to streaming; however, the first stream that he makes (involving him and his girlfriend playing Grand Theft Auto V) is shut down by various DDoS attacks and later, the same individuals get his address, frames Jesse for killing and torturing his parents and a SWAT team intervenes. The next day, Jesse makes a vlog video calling out the pranksters.
  • Jesse finds mowing the lawn rather hard, but his dad thinks he's just lazy and threatens him with exile once more. Later in the day, he gets help from a friend in sorting fan mail.
  • Jesse has mother's day brunch with his mom, which they both enjoy immensely.
  • Jesse tries another stream, but is forced to end it early because of another DDoS attack.
  • Jesse provides an update on his life, and visits Uncle Larry and Tom.
  • Jesse revives an Angry Nerd character from some of his earlier videos for an unboxing video of a PS4 he received in fan mail and later makes a video clearing up any confusion by fans who thought he hated the PS4.
  • A major argument between Jesse and his girlfriend takes place, but they remain together. In addition, Jeffrey Sr. gets mad at him for not being around on Wednesday for lawn-mowing.
  • Jesse mocks some of the many hate comments on his videos.

Arrest and Return to Larry's

  • A few days later, Dad has Jeffrey and Jesse mow 9 lawns. While on the way, they pick up 12 bags of fertilizer. Dad tasks the boys with loading them onto the van. While Jesse helps out, Jeffrey, possibly seeking revenge for his destroyed camera, starts videotaping him with the camera Jesse had brought. Jesse sees this and loses it, starting a large argument in the shop with Jeffrey and his Dad, with Jesse losing it even more and knocking things to the ground. Jesse is then arrested by a police officer (Psycho Kid Gets Arrested) but was eventually released. It is revealed later on that the police officer was a fake. He was one of Jeff Sr.’s friends who was hired by him & Jeff Jr to teach Jesse about respecting others and their personal belongings.
  • After being released the following day, Uncle Larry picks up Jesse from the police station. Jesse, regretful of his actions, decides to stay to Uncle Larry's house to talk it off and apologize. Uncle Larry says that if Jesse ever wants to take a break from his family, he is welcome to come to him. Jesse later says he is not officially kicked out of the house, but he just needs to get away, knowing very well what his dad will likely do.
  • That same day, Uncle Larry also gets his new YouTube Channel: Larry's Lounge
  • The duo go mini golfing on Memorial Day.

Second Return to Ridgway Household

  • The day after Memorial Day, having decided that he had spent enough time away from home, thanks Uncle Larry and returns to the Ridgway Household. Upon entry, he finds that Jeffrey earned his Play Button for his Big Brudda channel. Jesse senses that Jeffrey is acting strange and that something isn't right.
  • Later that evening, Dad returns home with Jesse's monthly rent, which totals up to $830.00, $365 of which comes from his rage at the hardware store. He later negotiates with Dad, and Dad says that if he offers a sincere apology to the person at the hardware store, the $365 would be removed from his rent pay. Dad also tells Jesse that if he records it, that's a video that he wants to see.
  • Jesse apologizes to the hardware store people, but is told that the woman seen calling the cops, Joan, didn't actually call the cops. He questions his dad about this, who does not answer the question but does take the $365 off the rent. His mom then tells him it was a Scared Straight sort of deal, with the intent of teaching Jesse a lesson, but unsurprisingly, Jesse is very angry and on the verge of tears that his family would do this to him. His mom then says she will schedule a family therapy session with Dr. Nelson.
  • The Ridgway family goes to therapy, where they make no progress and Jesse goes into a rage when Dr. Nelson suggests that Jesse stop playing video games, and his dad agrees. In a later update, Jesse states that as a result of the session, he no longer has to work for his dad for free. (Psycho Family Therapy)
  • Jesse finally manages to stream without a DDoS attack.
  • It is not long before Dad discovers the Psycho Dad T-Shirts. Enraged that Jesse has once again been disrespecting him behind his back, he gets out the same backhoe he used to flatten Eagle's Landing and buries Jesse's video games and some of the shirts in a hole he carved out. Jesse manages to save some of his video games, but almost gets buried in the dirt in the process. (Psycho Dad Buries Video Games).

The Prank War

  • Several weeks later, Jesse passes off the Play Button shattered by Psycho Dad as Jeffrey's Play Button and, while wearing a Master Chief mask and a tie, smashes the award with a hammer. Two days later, Jeffrey sees the video and, after bribing Corn with $100, plots to destroy Jesse's flat-screen television with his paintball gun. He goes through with it even after Jesse returns Jeffrey's actual, intact award, sending Jesse into a rage. Any effort by Jesse to tell his parents is met with Psycho Dad telling Jesse he doesn't want to get involved, and then gives him the bill for the month, with an extra charge for the botched therapy session with Dr. Nelson. Jesse then begins plotting revenge.
  • Jesse has a phone conversation with Michael Green (AKA KidBehindACamera or Pickleboy, of the very similar Angry Grandpa Show).
  • While filming a Kung-Fu sketch with Uncle Larry, Jeffrey gets extremely unhappy with his role and quits, violating a deal they made. Larry, as a result, bans Jeffrey from going on the family trip to North Carolina and is forced to recast the role. (Psycho Brother's Kung-Fu Freakout)
  • While the rest of the family is on vacation, Jeffrey, believing the filming of the Kung-Fu sketch was one big prank in retaliation for the destruction of Jesse's TV, burns Jesse's Master Chief Helmet. He tells everyone to tweet Jesse to see the video as soon as possible.
  • Sure enough, it isn't long before Jesse sees the video after the flood of tweets he received. Devastated and outraged, he is puzzled whether to pretend this never happened or yell at him when he gets back home.
  • Jeffrey posts a vlog stating the helmet's destruction didn't elicit what he wanted: an apology from Jesse and Larry for the "prank". He then asks viewers what they want him to destroy next, before deciding on choosing a certain number of objects based on the vlog's views, as well as promising he will review Batman: Arkham Knight after the Batgirl DLC is released. Many were not amused by his self-entitled behavior and portraying himself as the victim of a prank, when really, Jeffrey is being totally unreasonable and worthy of his main antagonist label.
  • During sundown on the first day, Jesse, Larry, Dad, and Mom go outside on the balcony to sit down and discuss Larry's decision to ban Jeffrey from the North Carolina vacation. Larry starts by stating how it was all just a skit and how he, Jesse, and Jeffrey made an agreement (Larry would take care of the dogs on the 4th of July in exchange for the boys being part of Larry's Kung Ewww skit). Dad says he understands the deal, but thinks that Jeffrey should have been given a different costume. He goes further to state that maybe Larry should have cut Jeffrey some slack since this was a family vacation that they had been doing for years. However, Larry states how Jeffrey wouldn't apologize for his rage at the end and got Larry mad (Mom reminds everyone that it takes a lot to get Larry mad). After a long talk, Larry and Dad agreed that they'll talk to Jeffrey when they return home, but Jeffrey does indeed owe Larry (and Jesse) an apology. After Dad and Mom go back inside, Jesse and Larry stay outside. They both agree that Jeffrey needs to apologize, but Larry is concerned about what Jeffrey might do later on or what the latter is plotting. Jesse informs Larry that Jeffrey has already gotten started on revenge by burning one of Jesse's Halo Master Chief helmets. The talk ends with Jesse and Larry agreeing to go fishing the next day.
  • Jeffrey decides to ransom the Larry's Lounge sign, all the while still demanding an apology (despite the fact that Dad and Larry agree it's the other way around).
  • The next day, Jesse and Tom are playing video games, but are interrupted by multiple sources such as Psycho Dad. Later, Larry learns that Jeffrey is ransoming his sign, so he and Jesse concede and issue an apology for the Kung-Fu sketch.
  • The family goes to a small amusement park, where Jeffrey Sr., Theresa, and Larry go on the bumper cars and drive go-karts. Jesse does not participate in either out of concern of exacerbating his brain injury. Later, he reveals he has contracted mono, and in a separate vlog posted later in the day, shows how bad it is, even having to miss going to a fancy restaurant.
  • Jeffrey sees the apology, but calls it "bullsh*t", and also calls them out for inviting him down for the last full day. He goes through with destroying the Larry's Lounge sign, as well as Jesse's couch, using an entire arsenal of tools.
  • While filming an episode of "Chillin' and Grillin'", Psycho Dad and Theresa get into an argument, and the former then chucks the house's Nintendo Wii into the lake from the upper floor deck, mistakenly believing it was Jesse's and calling it a consequence for constantly playing, completely ignoring the fact Jesse has mono and shouldn't be doing anything extraneous. This results in a huge argument involving Jesse, Larry, Jeffrey Sr., and Theresa, as Tom films the whole thing. Psycho Dad believes Jeffrey Jr. burned the couch and sign because Jesse and Larry provoked him, a clear sign of favoritism. Jesse can't argue much throughout the video due to spleen pain from his mono. (Psycho Dad Launches Wii)
  • Jesse shows Larry the video of Jeffrey destroying the couch and sign. Larry is obviously upset about the sign, but surprisingly, Jesse isn't mad about the couch, since he actually hated it. The pair also can't understand why Jeffrey took a large wooden stick to the couch.
  • Jeff Sr. strands Jesse on an island in the lake to get him outside while Larry manages to fish the Wii out of the lake.
  • To get back on Jeffrey Jr. destroying his couch, Jesse gives away his Batman: Arkham Knight game to a guy named Ivan.
  • Jeffrey Jr. confronts Jesse on him giving away his Batman: Arkham Knight game while knocking something over on the process, angering Jesse. After arguing for about two minutes, Jesse says that he's going to Los Angeles and if Jeffrey Jr. goes into his room after their argument or when he's gone, Jesse will give Jeffrey Jr. his mononucleosis. After Jesse teases with Jeffrey Jr. he makes him go back to his room and Jesse warns him again.
  • To protect against Jeffrey's wrath, Jesse escalates the conflict to "biological warfare" by infecting EVERYTHING in his room to ensure that if Jeffrey destroys something, he himself will contract mono. The video showing this act is set to a song about mono written by his girlfriend.
  • While Jesse is at LA with Corn, Jeffrey makes a vlog of him having access to his room with a surgical-type mask on to prevent himself from contracting mono. He then opens up the windows and turns on the fan to air out some of the "infected" air. After he ends the video, Jeffrey finds out that Jesse has hidden the key to his room, disabling Jeffrey's actions to escape.
  • Jeffrey covers Jesse's room in plastic wrap to piss him off. Jesse is not amused, but is not angry, either. Many commentators have labelled this prank as Jeffrey's weakest one yet, with one commentators even stating that Michael Green (Pickleboy) has pulled better pranks.
  • To get revenge, Jesse and his girlfriend team and spray "Liquid Ass" on multiple objects in Jeffrey's room. It works beautifully.
  • The next day, Jesse is indisposed with mono, but has now gotten strep throat, so his girlfriend substitutes for the day. She also writes up a new song in ten minutes called "The Juggie Song".
  • Jeffrey gives an update, in which he states he won't retaliate for the "Liquid Ass" prank until Jesse is a bit better, and is unwilling to prank his girlfriend. He also shows off his new beer pong table.
  • Jesse tries to make a truce with Jeffrey, it doesn't work.
  • Jeffrey gets revenge on Jesse's prank by spraying Liquid Ass in Jesse's car. The following day, Jesse goes to clean up the car and dispose of the stench, but he gets raided by Jeffrey when he shoots fireworks towards Jesse. Jesse escapes the attack moments later.
  • Jeffrey soon acts up again, by swiping Jesse's July bill for his rent as a prank. Moments after, Jesse and Jeffrey Sr. argue about the problem. The bill was originally $315 but due to Jesse talking back rudely to Jeffrey Sr., an extra $300 was added.
  • Jesse gets back at Jeffrey by switching up ingredients in Jeffrey's meal.
  • Jesse responds to more hate comments.
  • During a live stream, Jeffrey uses a fog machine to smoke out Jesse's room. Theresa gets extremely pissed off at Jeffrey, who just continues laughing throughout the video. Even Psycho Dad thinks the prank is a bit overboard. (Psycho Brother Smokes Out Stream)
  • Later, Jesse and Theresa both decide they need to get away for the weekend, with Theresa going camping and Jesse visiting his girlfriend. At this time, it is revealed Jeffrey got off scot-free, proving that Psycho Dad does indeed play favorites. Jesse also leaves Jeffrey with a parting gift by removing all of the keys from the latter's keyboard using a GameStop card, in retaliation for the smoking of his room during the live stream.
  • Jesse packs up and leaves for his girlfriend's; during the video, the two share their first onscreen kiss (they had previously discussed doing this during the welcome-back stream if they got enough viewers, but it never happened due to the DDoS and swatting).
  • Jesse and his girlfriend do the whipped cream challenge. The same day, Jeffrey posts his long-awaited Q&A video.
  • The next day, Jesse and his girlfriend do the Make-Up Challenge, and later that day, hold a Juggie Pow-wow regarding break-ups.
  • Jesse returns home, but makes a trip to GameStop shortly thereafter (the details of which are not disclosed).
  • The next day, Jesse announces he has paid off his student debt, and later, announces a PS4 and Xbox One giveaway, thus revealing the purpose of his GameStop trip the night before.
  • Jesse along with Corn sneak into his parents bedroom and steal the keys to the Backhoe, hinting something is going to happen. It's later reveal that they want to crush Jeffery's PS4 as payback for everything he's done to him.
  • Jesse takes the Backhoe out but finds he has trouble with controlling it. Psycho Dad catches him and kicks him off of it.
  • Jesse goes over to Larry's house to talk for the first time since the North Carolina trip. Jesse admits to wanting to take and destroy Jeffery Jr's PS4 as payback for all the stuff he lost because of him, but wanted to talk to Larry about it before. Larry suggests he do it to finally stand up to Jeffery for all the shit he put on him through out the years, and personally for Jeffery destroying his Larry's Lounge sign (it is also revealed that fans made their own signs and sent them to him). Larry at this point, doesn't care about Jeffery Jr anymore since he has lost all respect for him. The two the discuss what they should do.
  • Jesse, Larry, and Corn begin "Operation Orange Crush". Jesse goes to Jeffery's room and steals his PS4. Larry brings his truck over, and ties up the PS4 while bringing some weapons to deal more damage.
  • With Corn recording, Jesse and Larry begin the plan. Corn shows Jeffery the PS4 under the truck, and he heads outside. Under threat by Jesse, him and Larry tell him that this is for all the things he either destroyed or got Psycho Dad to destroy in the past. Jesse runs over the PS4, much to Jeffrey's anger, and they proceed to smash it some more with the tools Larry brought over. Jeffery tries to retaliate with his paintball gun, but it gets jammed and they along with Corn drive off with the PS4 on tow dragged across the road. They then proceed to damage it some more, satisfied and victorious that they finally got Jeffery. Jesse spends the night at Larry's out of fear of reprisal from Jeffrey, and possibly Psycho Dad. (Psycho Kid Crushes PS4)
  • A furious Jeffery finds the two PS4's and Xbox One for the giveaway and steals them from his room. He then curses against Jesse, Larry, and Corn for what they'd done.
  • The next day, Jesse and Larry arrive back at the Ridgway Residence to install a deadbolt on Jesse's door to guard against Jeffrey. When they arrive, Jeffrey runs to lock down the stolen consoles, but willingly surrenders them when he learns they were for the giveaway. He is also told that they stole his Batman statue, but they didn't destroy it and tell him its location, before proceeding to install the deadbolt.
  • Later that day, Jeffrey issues an apology for stealing the consoles, not knowing their purpose, and reveals that the BigBrudda channel has reached 500,000 subscribers. He also says he'll do a couple of giveaways, and has something special planned to celebrate 500,000 subscribers.
  • One day, Jeffrey goes into Jesse's room to talk to Jesse about the console theft. After that, Jeffrey leaves the room and unknowingly to Jesse, locks the door on the outside. So Jesse now has to go out the window to go to other rooms.
  • Jeff Sr. soon discovers this and questions Jesse about it. Jesse says that Jeffrey is possibly at the right intoxication level to be blamed on. Jesse proceeds to lie to Jeff Sr. by saying that Jeffrey was the one that installed the deadbolt. Jeff Sr. charges into Jeffrey's gaming area and throws his PS4 controller (he got a new one) on the ground. After arguing about lying and Uncle Larry, they decide to get rid of the deadbolt.
  • Days later, Jesse asks Jeff Sr. to do a Q&A for the Juggies. The session goes well until Jeff Sr. is asked his thoughts on being labeled a psycho, leading to him leaving the session in a huff. (Psycho Dad Answers Questions).
  • After the disastrous aftermath of Psycho Dad Answers Questions, Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. forgives Jesse for embarrassing him on YouTube, and the former spends the day golfing with his friends and his son.
  • Jesse and Uncle Larry install a key-lock to keep Jeffrey Jr. from pranking him. Larry then gets kicked out of the house.
  • Jesse then pulls a prank on Jeffrey Sr. by making him believe that his girlfriend is pregnant. His father doesn't like the prank.
  • Jesse then learns how to use the backhoe and convinces Jeffrey Sr. to dig a hole.
  • Jesse then pranks his brother by stealing his Batman statue, and he pushes Jeffrey into a pit.
  • After the pitfall prank, Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. busts down Jesse's door, trashes his room, and kicks Jesse out once again, this time possibly forever. Theresa is also against Jesse, leaving Larry, his girlfriend, and Corn as his only allies. (Psycho Dad Busts Down Door)

Back in Exile

  • Jesse gets kicked out of the house again for the events of THE PITFALL PRANK! with Theresa siding with Jeffrey and Jeff this time.
  • Jesse moves back in to Uncle Larry's RV.
  • Jesse suffers a nervous breakdown.
  • Jeffrey posts his perspective of the event, as well as the aftermath, which shows Theresa breaking down into tears. Jeffrey also reveals that his plan didn't work 100%, because he still needs to talk to Uncle Larry.
  • Jeffrey comes to Uncle Larry's to give Larry his side of the story. Jesse thinks Jeffrey is trying to turn Larry against him, which starts an argument between Jesse and Larry, which they eventually talk out, in which Larry reveals he is firmly on Jesse's side, does not trust Jeffrey, and plans to talk to Theresa.
  • The next day, Jesse and Tom return to the Ridgway Residence. While Tom retrieves Jesse's possessions, Jesse leaves a parting gift in the form of repeating Jeffrey's plastic wrap prank, only this time doing it to the latter's car. It is then revealed that Jesse got a Golden Play Button (Angry Grandpa also recently got a Golden Play Button).
  • Jesse gets "kicked out" at Uncle Larry's (Larry actually never did so) after the events of plastic wrapping Jeffery Jr.'s car, effectively making him homeless for a short period of time.
  • Jesse reveals on Twitter that Corn gave him a place to stay. It’s also revealed that Corn quit his job as a prison guard and he & Jesse made a deal that Corn would hold the camera for Jesse full time.
  • Larry posts a video issuing a message to Jesse in which he expresses great regret over the previous day's events, apologizes, and invites Jesse back, stating that at no point in the "THROWN OUT OF LARRY'S" video that the words "get out". He also says that he will always be on Jesse's side, and will never trust Jeffrey.
  • Jesse and Corn go out and obtain supplies so Corn become a streamer.
  • Jesse confronts Theresa and Larry over Jeffrey wanting to sell BigBrudda t-shirts that put Jesse in a derogatory position, as well as over Larry "kicking him out", which Larry states he never did.
  • Jesse issues a heartfelt apology to his entire family, as well as his viewers. He states he will be staying with Corn for the time being because Corn is in his age group.
  • Jesse and Jeffrey have their first confrontation since the former was kicked out. After some very tense negotiations, Jesse and Jeffrey reach a deal: Jesse will get five percent of the profits on the BigBrudda shirts, and Jeffrey will get Jesse back into the Ridgway Residence, but he doesn't say how.
  • Jesse and Corn are invited to Larry's house, not knowing that Jeffrey Sr, Jeffrey Jr, and Theresa were there. While they are eating, Theresa and Larry attempt to convince Jeffrey Sr. to allow Jesse back in the house, to which Jeffrey Sr. does not. Surprisingly, Jeffrey Jr. agrees with Larry and Theresa to allow Jesse back in the house. Jeffrey Sr. still does not allow Jesse back. When everyone is about to leave, Jeffrey Sr. has a change of heart and tells Jesse to get in the car. With hesitation, Jesse gets in, and they head back to the house, ending Jesse's second exile from the house. (Psycho Last Supper)

Back at Home Redux

  • Jesse returns to the Ridgway Residence, ending an eight-day exile.
  • Jesse and Jeffrey Sr. have a small argument about Jesse's door, before Jesse and Corn go outside to fill in the hole used in the prank on Jeffrey.
  • Corn's YouTube channel is hacked, as are his Twitter and Instagram accounts, and the hacker gets his Twitch channel banned. The hacker is suspected to be someone who is aligned with Jeffrey. Corn regained his channel several days later, and begins uploading old McJuggerNuggets skits he was in.
  • A fight breaks out over Jesse's Golden Play Button. It is later agreed it will be hung in the family room, since it was technically the whole family that made Jesse's channel popular enough to reach 1,000,000 subscribers.
  • Jesse's phone number is leaked, and he gets over a thousand voice mails from fans. During the vlog, his girlfriend shows up, staying until Monday.
  • Jesse, Corn, and Jesse's girlfriend celebrate Jesse's birthday early.
  • During Jesse's birthday party, his mom gets him Wii U/Mario Kart 8 bundle; Jeffrey Sr., though, won't have it, and destroys the Wii U minutes after Jesse gets it; Theresa calls Jeff Sr. an idiot as Jesse rages against his dad and throws the cake at him, to which Theresa states he deserved; Jesse then retaliates by smashing the broken Wii U against the back door, shattering it, as he flees the Ridgway Residence yet again with Corn and his girlfriend. (Psycho Kid's Birthday Bash)
  • After Jeffrey Sr. give Jesse his bill ($2400), Jesse decides to make his own room in their garage.
  • While Jesse's friends build him a room in the Morton Building, Jeffery paints Jesse's car hot pink as a belated birthday gift/prank. Enraged, Jesse has Mark and Corn dump his motorcycle in the hole (filled with water) behind the Morton building as payback even though they're reluctant to do so which cause the Juggies to go against him for a short time. (Psycho Kid Submerges Motorcycle)
  • Jesse felt guilty for putting them in this bad spot and manages to reconcile with them while at the same time informs Larry about it. (CORRECTING ALL MISTAKES!)
  • Having discovered what Jesse did to his motorcycle from one of his friends, Jeffrey manages to get even by tricking Jesse in his plan to destroy his newly room, where in reality though, Jeffrey lured Jesse to be locked into the garage for a night sleep. But the next day, Corn and Larry showed up and free Jesse from another one of Jeffrey's Pranks.
  • On Halloween, Jeffrey is organizing a party and is most likely planning to sabotage Jesse's bedroom since his party will take place in the garage where Jesse is working on his new room. This is when Jesse dresses up at the Joker, resembling himself as the Heath Ledger in the process. With Corn recording the entire footage, Jesse plays his first antagonist role when he sabotages Jeffrey (dressed as Batman) by wrecking the party with his fireworks. This leads to a fight between Jeffrey and Jesse after Jeffrey vandalized his room walls, but not after Jeffrey Sr. interferes and wrecks all that Jeffrey prepared. (Psycho Family Halloween)
  • While filming a Juggie's Powwow, Jesse was interrupted by Jeffery Sr. to discuss the events that happened in Jeffery Jr's party before moving into the argument of the added costs to Jesse's rent bill. (Psycho Dad Interrupts Powwow)
  • In retaliation for his bike getting dunked in water and having his party ruined. Jeffery Jr. steals Jesse's Golden Play Button and blackmails Jesse to give him one million subscribers and then return Jesse his golden Play Button, or he will edit together a video of Jesse insulting Jeffrey Sr. and set the latter on Jesse in hopes of getting him kicked out again.
  • Jeffrey, livid that Jesse has failed to shout-out his channel for several consecutive videos and still mad about his motorcycle getting soaked and the laxative prank, creates a trap and bribes Corn to assist him in it. Jesse falls into the trap and gets poked with a stick multiple times until he plugs the BigBrudda channel. Even then, though, Jeffrey crosses the line by snatching and destroying Jesse's glasses. This sends Jesse over the edge, and he snaps and decks Jeffrey, only to lose the advantage as Jeffrey pins him. Corn drops the camera to get Jeffrey off of Jesse, but Corn finds himself being beaten up now. After a four-minute scuffle, Jesse is forced to stop Jeffrey, so he finds an empty beer bottle left behind by Larry and smashes it over Jeffrey's head, knocking him unconscious. (Psycho Brother Stomps Glasses)
  • Following the fight, Jesse and Corn move the unconscious Jeffrey into a small compound and lock him up. When he comes to, he tries to escape, but is forced to stop when Jesse threatens to take a rock to Jeffrey's Play Button. Over the course of hours, and into the night, Jeffrey reveals that he had always been jealous of Jesse due to him not getting the same treatment he’s been getting back when they were kids. But Jesse, feeling a bit guilty, says that he understands what Jeffrey’s been going through with their dad with him destroying his stuff for like two to three years that’s when they’re finally starting to open up to each other, and seem to come to some sort of understanding. But even when Jeffrey got released, he begins to feel depressed for the past couple of weeks which causes their mom to get worried and suspicious.
  • The following day is Psycho Dad's birthday. He is ungrateful about Jesse's gift, which is nothing more than used tools. He expresses gratitude for Jeffrey's gift, however, which is a box of several security cameras.
  • Jesse does a sponsored video for Anki Overdrive with Larry, Corn, and Mark.
  • Jesse and Corn get Psycho Dad a proper birthday gift, but he's more interested in his new security system.
  • Zach then inadvertently rats Jesse out to Theresa about the bottle incident which causes her to ask Jeffrey for his side of the story. Jesse asks his mom not to tell their dad but Theresa said she’ll think about it.

Terry's Departure

  • Jeff Sr. discovers from Theresa that Jesse smashed a bottle over Jeffrey's head, and goes ballistic, storming Jesse's room in the Morton Building and destroying multiple items without regard for Jesse or Theresa. He then proceeds to take a baseball bat to Jesse's car, at which point Theresa decides she has had enough and motions for divorce. She then packs her belongings and leaves. (Psycho Mom Divorces Husband)
  • On Thanksgiving, Jesse looks over the shattered remains of his room. Among the items destroyed include multiple gifts from fanmail, a coffee table, the TV, and a lamp that was destroyed when Psycho Dad shoved him into the wall. Later, at dinner, Psycho Dad gets angry when Jesse films his parents.
  • Later in the night on Thanksgiving, Jesse and Jeffrey go to Larry's house against Psycho Dad's wishes, where they discover Theresa has been taking shelter. She reveals that she will not return to the Ridgway Residence. It is also shown that Jesse and Tom are back on good terms, as they play Smash Bros. once more.
  • On Black Friday, Jesse heads back to Larry's to help decorate for Christmas.
  • Later that night, Jesse and Corn go to Walmart to get a new TV to replace the one Psycho Dad destroyed. Back at home, they hook up the new TV and reveal they ran into Jesse's girlfriend, who has, of course, come over. Jesse fills his girlfriend in on the events of the past few days, and she comforts him.
  • Theresa sneaks back to the Morton Building to continue the co-op campaign on The Last of Us.
  • Psycho Dad shows up at the Abraham Residence uninvited, attempting to talk to Theresa.
  • Theresa moves into the RV that Jesse called home towards the end of his first exile.
  • Jesse is given the November bill, which includes a charge for the car window that Psycho Dad destroyed. This only fuels suspicion among viewers that Psycho Dad is oppressing Jesse as revenge for ruining his marriage.
  • Jesse and Theresa go grocery shopping. Later that night, the two of them, joined by Uncle Larry and Corn, play a game of Monopoly.
  • Jesse and Corn check on Jeffrey Jr. to make sure he's alright. Later, Theresa returns to the Ridgway Residence to retrieve some clothes, ignoring Jeff Sr. the whole time.
  • Returning home from getting Theresa settled in to the RV, Jesse and Corn discover Psycho Dad throwing Theresa's clothes all over the yard for no apparent reason. He then destroys Theresa's computer monitor and puts her PC tower through the wood splitter, potentially destroying much data related to her workplace, taxes, and more, again for no apparent reason, though it is theorized that Psycho Dad is trying to destroy Theresa's life as revenge for leaving him. Throughout the video, Psycho Dad acts completely hypocritical, blaming Jesse for the computer's destruction. Jesse, too, acts hypocritical; while he and Corn are filming, he yells at Jeffrey to stop filming, but the latter refuses, and makes his first post to the BigBrudda channel in over a month. (Psycho Dad Splits Computer)
  • Jesse and Corn look over the mangled remains of Theresa's computer, and later in the day, begin disassembling it with Larry and Tom in an attempt to recover the hard drive. Meanwhile, Theresa is revealed to have left on a shopping trip in Pennsylvania with a friend, and at the time of writing, has not yet returned, indicating she saw the video of Psycho Dad destroying her computer and fled New Jersey.
  • After a visit to their mother went horribly wrong, Jesse and Jeffrey argue over who’s fault is it as well as everything else going for the last couple years, but a few moments later, they manage to apologize and became closer to each other (ENEMIES CLOSER!)
  • Sometime before Christmas, Melissa starts manipulating Terry in a negative way. Terry, with Melissa's influence, starts to become more irritated with Jesse's camera and becomes more cold and abrasive towards her own son.
  • While trying to get back Theresa, Jeff Sr. enters the store and trashes it when he found out she wasn't getting back together. When Jeff Sr. trashes the place he trashes the t-shirt press and flips the tables. He is later threatened and gets out of the store when Uncle Larry has a pipe threatening him to call the cops. (Psycho Dad Trashes Store)
  • Over the days and after Christmas, Terry appears to be now fully under Melissa's influence: Melissa's son Georgie Stahlberger, despite having two YouTube channels starts a third one.
  • As revenge for Jesse being mistreated by both Melissa and Terry, he calls in Georgie to pull a prank on their mothers with spaghetti and the conclusion only puts Melissa on bad terms with Jesse, believing he was the ringleader for the prank.
  • A few days later, Jesse decides to help out Georgie with his YouTube channel, not wanting a redoing of Corn's hacking of his YouTube channel to Georgie but unfortunately for him, he has to visit Melissa's house, which they are still on bad terms. Jesse and Corn make several attempts to get in the house, but fail to help him out.
  • Jesse then finds a house that Buzz was planning on purchasing for $30,000, and he prepares to move out. However, Jeffrey Sr. locks the money in his safe to prevent Jesse from leaving due to lack of maturity. Jesse still moves out of the Ridgway Residence and move to his Aunt Jackie|’s house but not before confronting his father over the money. (Psycho Kid Moves Out)
  • The house has many problems like a lack of water and crumbling wallpapers, so Jesse decides to fix up the house with the help of Uncle Larry, Joe, Zach, and Corn. There’s also some issues with the Emma head and some creepy and ghostly happenings which are later to be revealed to be caused by Jeffrey, Uncle Chuck, Aunt Jackie, Joe, and Uncle Larry himself.
  • Jesse invites Jeffrey Sr. to tour the house in, who gets angry when he finds a Super Nintendo in Jesse's possession and throws it into the snow. He proceeds to confiscate the TV and desk, but while moving the desk, Jeffrey Sr. falls down the stairs and gets seriously injured, leaving Jesse to care for his father. (Psycho Dad Chucks Super Nintendo)
  • For a while, Jesse lives happily in his new home. However, his mother intervenes due to a fallout with Melissa and forcefully kicks him out. This ends up destroying Jesse and Terry's relationship.
  • Jeffrey Sr. is kind enough to let Jesse move in back into the Ridgway Residence before Jesse can find another house to live in.
  • Jeffrey Sr. finds Jesse's fan mail and realizes the letters he made disrespected him. Jesse promises him that he will move the mail, but Jeff Sr. steals all of the fan mail and incinerates it, destroying much of the gifts that Jesse had received and leaving Jesse disappointed once more. (Psycho Dad Incinerates Fan Mail
  • Jeffrey Sr. proceeds to close down their P.O. Box, leaving Jesse no other choice but to cease fan mail operations.

3rd Wii U Destruction And Job Hunting

  • Jesse and Jeffrey Jr. decide to prank their dad into thinking Jesse has a job. Enraged, Jeffrey Sr. steals Jesse's games while his son performs a Halo-themed skit. Jesse confronts him about this, but despite his efforts, his father proceeds to shred all of Jesse's games, his Nerf gun, his Wii U Gamepad, and his Wii U in the woodchipper. He then tries to shred Jesse's PS4, who finally cracks and promises Jeff Sr. that he will get a job, sparing his PS4 from destruction in the process. (Psycho Dad Woodchips Wii U)
  • Since Jesse promised to get a job, he tries to find a good one, but is constantly denied due to his failure to comply and the fact he takes the camera with him.
  • Soon after, Jesse, Jeffrey Jr. and their dad go out hunting. Jesse shoots a fake deer thinking it is a real one, sending him into grief. However, Jeffrey Sr. is still proud of him, in a rare moment of empathy between Jeff Sr. and Jesse. (Psycho Family Hunting)
  • After failing to get a job, Jeffrey Sr. forces Jesse to work on Uncle Chris's farm. (MEET PSYCHO DAD'S BROTHER!)
  • Jesse convinces Jeffrey Sr. to play video games with him, who reluctantly obliges. After being humiliated in Halo: Master Chief Collection, Jeff Sr. ragequits by unplugging the Xbox One from the TV, taking it outside, and shooting it with a gun, thus destroying an Xbox One again. (Psycho Dad Shoots Xbox One)
  • After a few weeks of working on Uncle Chris's farm, Jesse and Corn quit their jobs but not before leaving the farm crew on good terms including Uncle Chris. He promise Jesse that he’s not going to tell his dad unless he ask him. When Jesse and Corn get back home, they decided to host a PS4 livestream. When Jeff Sr. finds out from his brother, he is enraged and takes revenge by bulldozing the gaming room in the Morton Building, destroying most of the merchandise in the room and nearly killing Jesse and Corn in the process as well. He then proceeds to destroy Jesse's TV and his streaming laptop before storming out in a huff. (Psycho Dad Demolishes Gaming Room)

Runaway from the Ridgway Residence

  • Jesse leaves his house in protest. He gathers his belongings and goes to Larry's house with Corn for help which he was willing to give. Before he leaves, Jesse steals his dad's gun, and smashes his TV in vengeance. (Mayday! Mayday!)
  • Jesse gets a new tent, and names it Wingless Eagle (Welcome to the Wingless Eagle!)
  • Jesse then gets permission from Georgie and his father to camp out in the Stahlberger's woods for the next two weeks but Jesse didn’t want everyone else to know since it could lead to his dad finding out from one of the Juggies.
  • During this time, Jesse took a piece of the gaming room wall and named it Damien. He then proceeds to merge him with a second Emma head to create Demma.
  • Melissa later finds out. Enraged and wanted revenge for the April Fools prank, she breaks a mirror in Larry's RV. She then gives Jesse 2 days to leave.
  • After the 2 days are up, Melissa tells Jesse he can continue to live there for $1500 a month. This makes Jesse angry, and he refuses her offer. She becomes angry and snoops around the RV and finds snacks Jesse took from the house, with George's permission. She takes it back and breaks Jesse's TV. (Extended Your Welcome!)
  • Larry finds out the next day of the TV and mirror destruction and confronts Melissa. He then insults her, stating that both her son and husband do not like her. She attempts to hit him, but he block her arm. She then knees him in the groin. She then makes a mad dash for her house and locks all the doors. (Below the Belt!)
  • A day later, she threatens to tell Jesse's dad about his location. Jesse then calls his mom and has Melissa talk to her. This might be because they haven't spoken in months. About a minute after the conversation, Jesse smashes Melissa's phone with a pot. He then sprints to his trailer. (Nail in the Coffin!)
  • And then, the next day, it turns out Melissa told Jeff where Jesse was. Psycho Dad comes over with his backhoe, and tears up the RV. He breaks the windows, tears up the tarp covering the door, and tears the siding off. He then runs over Wingless Eagle, and demands Jesse come home within an hour to face justice for the destruction of his television. Jesse screams and curses at his dad, and calls him a dick and says he's not coming over. (Psycho Dad Rips Apart Trailer)
  • The next night, Jesse and Corn break the news to Uncle Larry. This enrages Larry to a new level. He flips over his grill, throws chairs, and smashes a Corona bottle against the wall, destroying a clock in the process. He then leaves and states he needs time alone. They don't see him for the rest of the night. (Breaking Point!)
  • The morning after, Larry returns to his house. He doesn't gives and clues as to where he was, but he was still wearing the same clothes as the night before. A few minutes later, Jesse's dad breaks into his house and tells Jesse to pack his stuff up and come home. And enormous fight between Larry and Jeff breaks out, and they yell and shout at each other. At one point, Jeff pins Larry against the wall out of anger. He then makes Jesse pack his stuff up and drive home. (Custody Battle!)
  • A few days later, Jesse went to visit his mom after months of not talking. Though there had been some tension between the two over what’s been happening for the last two years, they managed to reconcile. Before Jesse left, he promised his mom that he’ll move out of that house just like Jeffrey did a few days ago. (SAVE YOURSELF!)


  • Two weeks later, After Jesse and Corn went to visit Mark, Jesse goes to his girlfriend's graduation, even though his dad forbid him to do so, and began demanding that he break up with her. In retaliation, Jeff confiscates everything in Jesse's room, leaving only his bed, as punishment for disobeying him. It is seen that Jeff had known that he has gone out of state by a tracker he installed onto Jesse's car.
  • The next day, Uncle Larry, still angry at Jeffery Sr. over the destruction of his RV, retaliates by carrying out a kamikaze attack on the Ridgway Residence's pool using his truck, almost hitting Jeff and sustaining injuries. Jesse takes him to the hospital, and returns to find Jeff using the backhoe to destroy Larry's truck. (Psycho Uncle Impacts Pool & RIPPLE EFFECT! *PSYCHO UPDATE*)
  • The day after, Jesse goes to visit Uncle Larry and goes by his bike since his dad stripped him of almost all possessions including his Pink Car. As Jesse speaks to Uncle Larry, he reveals a very dark side, stating that by knowing Psycho Dad was working at the pool, he attempted to kill him hence why he drove into the pool. Tom, angry that Jesse used his father for everything and the fact that he was responsible for the pool destruction, bans him from ever returning. (WHAT I COULDN'T DO...)
  • While Jesse and Corn are at the Ridgway Residence, Jesse hears a Psycho video being played on Jeffrey Sr.'s TV, where a few moments later Jesse is confronted about the videos and puts the blame on Corn. Psycho Dad exiles Corn out of the house to never return.
  • The next day, Jesse apologizes to Corn, and the two make up their quarrel. However, Psycho Dad comes out and chases Corn out of his yard with a bat in hand. When Jesse finally catches up, Jeff arrives telling Corn to leave, and telling Jesse is in big trouble. Back in the house, Jeff makes Jesse live in the room that the fan mail used to be in, and make only one video a day.
  • The next day, Jeff puts a door handle on to keep Jesse locked in, and bans him from filming anything in and around the house. He also states that Jesse has a 45 minute time limit to making his videos, enraging Jesse.
  • The next day, Jesse announces that he will the ending the QnA at number 30.
  • Over the next few days, Jesse has been talking to Demma, who’s been hatching a plan with him to get into the safe, and get out of the house but Jesse immediately refused.
  • The next day while supposedly filming a "Draw My Life" video, Jesse finds Damien "hanging out" with the other Emma heads. Jesse confronts him about this, and ends up smashing Demma on the wall, therefore "killing" him. But Damien ended up “fusing” with Jesse and made him go through with the escape plan.
  • That night, off camera, Jesse tried opening the safe, but his Dad catches him in the act. In the next video, he sates he will no longer be trying to open the safe, and most likely, no longer be making videos. He then takes out the NES he found, and brings it upstairs and writes a note for his Dad to see.
  • Jesse had made some calls to Dr. Nelson and Jeffrey trying to make amends. He then calls Corn to tell him about his plan to get out of the house and ask him to bring a bag, containing something (supposedly a sandwich), over to him as quick as he can. (I'm a psychopath.)
  • Corn sneaks back to Jesse’s house so that the two can catch up on what they’ve been doing for the past week and for him to give Jesse the bag. Corn tried to persuade Jesse not to go through with the escape plan because it can mean he may never see him, their friends, and their families ever again and the fact that Jeff Sr. can afford a vacation trip and a gate makes it unlikely for Jesse’s money to still be in the safe. But his efforts are in vain due to Jesse keep on wanting to believe that the money is still in there and to prove to his dad that he is a man. The two best friends say their final goodbyes with Jesse telling the Juggies that the next time they see him, he’ll be in a better place.(MOMENT OF PEACE & SILENCE)
  • A few days later, Jeffrey came by to the house to visit Jesse and is confused to find Jesse's stuff is missing. So when he went downstairs to check up on him, he is shocked to find him having Jeff Sr's revolver which was in the bag. Jesse holds Jeffery at gunpoint while ranting about him wanting his money back, before both enter the living room with Jeff Sr. playing the NES. Jesse holds Jeff Sr. at gunpoint, and yells at his father for all the abuse, damage and destruction he had caused over the years as well as being hypocritical and him destroying Jesse's life while that the fact Jesse wants his money back. After arguing for about 5 minutes, Jeff Sr. tells Jesse that the video games caused him to become how he is, causing Jesse to fully snap and fatally shoot Jeff Sr. with the revolver and reclaim his money. Jeffrey coldly warns Jesse that he gets only five minutes to get out or he will call the police to show up and arrest him. But to Jesse's horror and anger, there is only two bundles of money due to the rest that was spent by his dad as Corn predicted. (Psycho Kid Kills Father)
  • With the remaining money, Jesse escapes to Switzerland and finds freedom at last, but later attempts suicide by hanging himself for all the actions he had committed towards his whole family and all of his friends, although he chooses not to. He says that he will no longer be doing YouTube videos while the same time get an actual job and a home deep in the mountains so that no one would be able to find him. He tearfully thanks everyone for all that they done for him and plead to them not to follow in his footsteps. But at the end of the video, it is later revealed that all the Psycho videos and vlogs were all staged up. (Psycho Kid Flees Country)

Post-Psycho Series

  • An epilogue series, C-R-I-S-I-S was made, showing up to a minute's worth of various clips about collecting Scrabble letters to reveal a hidden, encrypted message. This series took place in Switzerland, serving as an epilogue to the Psycho Series, as Jesse Ridgway stayed in character as his Psycho Series counterpart. The encryption was revealed to spell out "AT VIDCON RIGHT NOW", signifying that A) the Psycho Series was fake, B) that he was promoting his works at the 2016 VidCon convention and C) that C-R-I-S-I-S was premade during a vacation in Switzerland.
  • As the series is revealed to be fake, Jesse begins reflecting his thoughts on the series. He defines it as "the greatest pseudo-reality interactive storytelling experience of (our) generation".[1]
  • The moral of the story is if you love something, you should follow it just as long as it’s not illegal or dangerous in any way. And you also need to be sure to show your gratitude and love towards your family and friends for helping you and don’t do something that could physically and/or emotionally hurt them.

Graphic Novel

Main Article: Psycho Kid vs Psycho Dad (Graphic Novel)

Jesse the Psycho Kid in the graphic novel version of his character

As of December, 2017. The Psycho Series is getting remade with copies of comic books which are called Psycho Series (Graphic Novel) and continues the storyline where the Psycho Kid VS. Psycho Dad story left off and won't be made until it reaches a pledge goal and will fully be released in December 14th 2018. This was also in development during the beginning of 2017. Jesse has kept it a secret for a while since The Devil killed off Psycho Kid into a piece of paper and Psycho Dad has been resurrected and is gonna take back his death on his son. Not only will this comic remaster of The Psycho Series include the aftermath of Psycho Kid Flees Country, but will include the previous seasons/arcs even the Divorcement arc and including the Moveout arc and Job Hunting arc, ALL redesigned in colors and pictures from Jesse's fan developing team. The graphic novel will release worldwide digitally and in-stores possibly, also on comic sites.

You can buy them right-now at Kick the highest version you can buy is for 1,000$ and the lowest is 5$. But it's preciously quicker to get it by buying the digital version for 15$.


The cast of the Ridgway family in real life. From left to right: Jesse Ridgway, Jeffrey Ridgway Jr., Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. and Theresa Ridgway




  • Demma (Antagonist)
  • The Devil (Unseen Overarching Antagonist)
  • Joe (Supporting protagonist)
  • Kate Diogo (Anti-heroine/Minor antagonist)
  • Zachary Dingler (Minor character/Supporting protagonist)
  • Jackie Abraham (Minor character/Supporting protagonist)
  • Parker Zippel (Minor character/Supporting Protagonist)
  • Uncle Chuck (Minor character/Supporting protagonst)



Image Video Name Upload Date Number in Series Link
Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox December 22, 2012 1 Link
Psycho Brother's Filming Freakout October 2, 2013 2 Link
Jesses dad.jpg
Psycho Dad Axes Laptop May 26, 2014 3 Link
Psycho Brother Clips Head July 11, 2014 4 Link
Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games August 6, 2014 5 Link
Psycho Kid Smashes TV September 2, 2014 6 Link
Psycho Dad Drowns Xbox.jpg
Psycho Dad Drowns Xbox September 18, 2014 7 Link
Psycho Dad Wrecks Car.jpg
Psycho Dad Wrecks Car October 9, 2014 8 Link
Psycho Kid's Halloween Bloodbath October 31, 2014 9 Link
Psycho Dad Chainsaws Xbox One November 11, 2014 10 Link
Psycho Kid Ruins Thanksgiving November 27, 2014 11 Link
Psycho Family Apology December 6, 2014 12 Link
Psycho Kid Torches Christmas Tree December 25, 2014 13 Link
Psycho Dad Raids Stream January 14, 2015 14 Link
Psycho Girlfriend Breaks iPad February 5, 2015 15 Link
Psycho Dad Shatters Youtube Play Button February 10, 2015 16 Link
Psycho Dad Pounds Nintendo DS March 1, 2015 17 Link
Psycho Brother's Frozen Lockout

March 8, 2015

March 12, 2015 (reupload)

18 Link
Psycho Dad Crashes WoW LAN Party March 18, 2015 19 Link
Psycho Dad Grills Wii U March 31, 2015 20 Link
Psycho Dad Flattens Gaming Lair April 12, 2015 21 Link
Psycho Dad Reacts to One Million Juggies May 2, 2015 22 Link
Psycho Kid Gets Arrested May 21, 2015 23 Link
Psycho Family therapy session.jpg
Psycho Family Therapy May 31, 2015 24 Link
Psycho Dad Buries Video Games June 9, 2015 25 Link
Psycho Brother's Kung-Fu Freakout July 11, 2015 26 Link
Psycho Dad Launches Wii.jpg
Psycho Dad Launches Wii July 17, 2015 27 Link
Psycho Brother Smokes Out Stream August 14, 2015 28 Link
Psycho Kid Crushes PS4 August 21, 2015 29 Link
Psycho Dad Answers Questions August 28, 2015 30 Link
Psycho Dad Busts Down Door.jpg
Psycho Dad Busts Down Door September 11, 2015 31 Link
Psycho Kids Birthday Bash.jpg
Psycho Kid's Birthday Bash September 27, 2015 32 Link
Psycho Kid Submerges Motorcycle October 13, 2015 33 Link
Psycho Family Halloween October 31, 2015 34 Link
Psycho Brother Stomps Glasses.jpg
Psycho Brother Stomps Glasses November 16, 2015 35 Link
Psycho Mom Divorces Husband.jpg
Psycho Mom Divorces Husband November 25, 2015 36 Link
Psycho Dad Splits Computer December 5, 2015 37 Link
Psycho Dad Trashes Store December 21, 2015 38 Link
Psycho Dad's Drunken Rant December 31, 2015 39 Link
Psycho Kid Moves Out January 13, 2016 40 Link
Psycho Dad Chucks Super Nintendo January 31, 2016 41 Link
Psycho Dad Incinerates Fan Mail.jpg
Psycho Dad Incinerates Fan Mail February 24, 2016 42 Link
Psycho Dad Woodchips Wii U March 13, 2016 43 Link
Psycho Family Hunting March 26, 2016 44 Link
Psycho Dad Shoots Xbox One April 10, 2016 45 Link
Psycho Dad Demolishes Gaming Room April 30, 2016 46 Link
Psycho Dad Rips Apart Trailer May 13, 2016 47 Link
Psycho Uncle Impacts Pool May 24, 2016 48 Link
Psycho Kid Kills Father June 6, 2016 49 Link
Psycho Kid Flees Country.jpg
Psycho Kid Flees Country June 6, 2016 50 Link

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs are hidden messages, objects, or other contents that have been featured throughout videos from many different YouTube channels, such as McJuggerNuggets and BigBrudda.

List of Easter Eggs

  • Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox and Psycho Kid Kills Father are very similar. The similarity in both of videos, is that Jeffrey Jr. is holding the camera, both of videos start in the same room, in the living room. In Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox, Jesse is playing video games, and in Psycho Kid Kills Father, Jeffrey Sr., is playing video games. In Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox you see a truck driving trough the house, in Psycho Kid Kills Father, we see a truck leaving the house with Jesse in it.
  • In Psycho Kid Torches Christmas Tree, you can see Jeffrey Sr, wearing a Santa hat, and in Psycho Dad Incinerates Fan Mail, you can see the same Santa hat in the fan mail.
  • On May 24, 2015, was uploaded CHAINSAWS, CONCOCTIONS & CORONAS!, where Larry makes a splash in the pool, but on the exact same date, Psycho Uncle Impacts Pool was uploaded.
  • In MOVING IN w/ AUNT MELISSA! you hear Aunt Melissa stating, " I wouldn't want to find out on the news that you killed your dad" 6 months later, Psycho Kid Kills Father occurred.
  • In the final episode of the Haunted Series called: A FINAL GOODBYE!, at 26 seconds in the video Jesse said, "It's like we are in the Mountains of Switzerland or something."
  • In R.I.P. PETER THE FLY!, Jesse said, ''Can you imagine if i lived in this room? If this was my bedroom, it would lose my mind'', and in I'm a psychopath, Jesse totally lost his mind.
  • When Jesse announced that he’s making a episodic Series in his 2015 announcement video, he basically foreshadows the Psycho Series. Psycho Series had 50 episodes, plus 600+ vlogs, Which in an episodic series, and he directed it. he was in front of the camera and behind it. he wrote the Series, and produced it on YouTube.
  • On December 2, 2015, Jesse posted HE'S A PSYCHOPATH!, and on June 2nd, 2016, was posted i'm a psychopath.
  • On September 10th, 2015, Jesse posted SAVING BATMAN!, where he said: ''Were going to give your Motorcycle a bath''. Then on October,13th,2015, Jesse, Corn & Mark pushed Jeffrey's Jr, motorcycle in a hole with water.
  • On October 2, 2015, Jesse posted CLEARING THE SPACE! where he said: ''Jeffrey's got some fireworks in here. I'm gonna have to hold on to those, maybe for Halloween or something." Jesse foreshadowed how he was going to light off the fireworks on Halloween 2015, in Psycho Family Halloween.
  • Jesse foreshadows himself killing Jeff Sr, in HE'S A PSYCHOPATH by drawing himself with a gun, shooting at Jeff Sr.
  • Chris was hired by Thomas McCann, not Anita, it says so in the NO CAMERAS ALLOWED! video.


Overall, the Psycho Series was met with critical praise for its destructive sequences, story arcs, the connecting vlogs and sub-playlists, including: Survival Series, Survival Series 2, Construction Series, Farming Series, Odd Jobs Series and Haunted Series, as well as a majority of the characters, especially Psycho Dad. However, Jesse Ridgway, the main character, was criticized for his behavior and unlikable character traits but otherwise felt sorry for him and his misfortunate life. They also panned Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. for being abusive to Jesse throughout the series especially since he tried to destroy a room with him and Corn in it.

In Other Media


  • The series is similar to the main YouTube channel “TheAngryGrandpaShow” & the series “The-Angry-Grandpa-Show”.
  • Jesse Ridgway only hates Jeff Jr., even while he is filming & pulling pranks on him.
  • The word "fuck" is the most used curse word in the entire series.
  • Ironically, the Psycho Series started with Jesse playing video games, and ended with Jeffrey Sr. playing video games.
  • Originally, this series was suppose to be a parody of other freakout videos but after seeing people thinking it was real, Jesse decided to turn it into a story.
  • Although The Devil did indeed destroy the mirror to Psycho Kid's Realm, killing every character existing in that reality, they could still be alive, since Jesse (with Boogie2988’s help) released the Psycho Series graphic novel, which could have possibly revived their realm.
  • It is possible that The Devil somehow helped Tom Abraham revive Psycho Dad.


Psycho Series

#1: Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox
#2: Psycho Brother's Filming Freakout
#3: Psycho Dad Axes Laptop
#4: Psycho Brother Clips Head
#5: Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games
#6: Psycho Kid Smashes TV
#7: Psycho Dad Drowns Xbox
#8: Psycho Dad Wrecks Car
#9: Psycho Kid's Halloween Bloodbath
#10: Psycho Dad Chainsaws Xbox One
#11: Psycho Kid Ruins Thanksgiving
#12: Psycho Family Apology
#13: Psycho Kid Torches Christmas Tree
#14: Psycho Dad Raids Stream
#15: Psycho Girlfriend Breaks iPad
#16: Psycho Dad Shatters Youtube Play Button
#17: Psycho Dad Pounds Nintendo DS
#18: Psycho Brother's Frozen Lockout
#19: Psycho Dad Crashes WoW LAN Party
#20: Psycho Dad Grills Wii U
#21: Psycho Dad Flattens Gaming Lair
#22: Psycho Dad Reacts to One Million Juggies
#23: Psycho Kid Gets Arrested
#24: Psycho Family Therapy
#25: Psycho Dad Buries Video Games

#26: Psycho Brother's Kung-Fu Freakout
#27: Psycho Dad Launches Wii
#28: Psycho Brother Smokes Out Stream
#29: Psycho Kid Crushes PS4
#30: Psycho Dad Answers Questions
#31: Psycho Dad Busts Down Door
#32: Psycho Kid's Birthday Bash
#33: Psycho Kid Submerges Motorcycle
#34: Psycho Family Halloween
#35: Psycho Brother Stomps Glasses
#36: Psycho Mom Divorces Husband
#37: Psycho Dad Splits Computer
#38: Psycho Dad Trashes Store
#39: Psycho Dad's Drunken Rant
#40: Psycho Kid Moves Out
#41: Psycho Dad Chucks Super Nintendo
#42: Psycho Dad Incinerates Fan Mail
#43: Psycho Dad Woodchips Wii U
#44: Psycho Family Hunting
#45: Psycho Dad Shoots Xbox One
#46: Psycho Dad Demolishes Gaming Room
#47: Psycho Dad Rips Apart Trailer
#48: Psycho Uncle Impacts Pool
#49: Psycho Kid Kills Father
#50: Psycho Kid Flees Country