Post Date March 15, 2016
Duration 32:01
Genre Vlog
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"Jesse and Corn craft a beautiful resume for Jesse to give to employers."

RESUME BUILDING! is a vlog, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on March 15, 2016.






  • Jesse has made many resume writing mistakes:
    • One of which is writing in his work history "Heritages 2010 (Diverse) Counter Boy/Shop Bitch", Jesse should have left off "Shop Bitch" as employers would be less inclined to be receptive of use of profanity (Even Corn acknowledges that it wasn't professional).
    • The second of which is including friends and relatives (Corn & Uncle Larry) as references. In fact, many resume writers stress that a reference is not needed to be written in the resume, even opting to not include "References available upon request" in a resume.
    • The "Extracurriculums" segment is not needed and given the listing would only hurt him more than help. Contrary to Jesse's statement "If I was an employer and I saw video games on someone's extracurricular I'd be like 'you're hired'", most if not the majority of employers would disagree with Jesse's statement and would assume that he just plays video games all day without doing anything productive. "Cooks Ramen & Easy Mac and Cheese" is unneeded and shouldn't be listed anywhere within Jesse's Resume. Finally, Jesse failed to indicate and expand upon "Take Care of Labs" as he could have listed it as part of his work experience or education.
    • Medical conditions (such as Jesse's brain injury) is not needed and likely would give a bad impression towards potential employers.
    • Jesse's email address and phone number were clearly visible on the resume, which likely has led to many YouTube commentators attempting to contact him.
    • In the next video THE INTERVIEW!, Uncle Larry goes more in depth on the mistakes Jesse made on his resume during a mock interview.
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