Post Date Nov 26, 2015
Duration 26:06
Genre Vlog
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Video Transcript
"After spending the better half of Thanksgiving at his Dad's parents house, Jesse sneaks off to Uncle Larry's for his Thanksgiving."

SPLIT THANKSGIVING! (PART 2)! is a vlog, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on November 26, 2015.


The video starts with Jesse, Jeffrey Jr. and Sr. getting into a car. Jesse asks his father how he can't feel anything after Theresa left. Jeffrey Sr. says he does feel bad but can't show it the same way as everyone else can. Jeffrey Sr. suddenly stops to get out of the car. Jesse asks why he doesn't want to go to Uncle Larry's. Jeffrey Sr. says he isn't ready to talk to Theresa yet and prefers if Jesse and Jr. didn't either. They enter the house where Jeffrey Sr. prepares to watch the game on TV. Jesse secretly approaches Jeffrey Jr and asks him if he wants to go see their mom at Uncle Larry's. Jeffrey agrees and the two sneak out of the house telling their dad they are going to Corn's. In the car, Jesse questions why Jeffrey isn't acting sad either but Jeffrey replies with the same thing as his dad. Jeffrey also the situation isn't changing anything between the two of them. The two enter the house where their mom's family. They see Theresa sitting in the den watching TV and exchange hugs. Theresa says she is going to stay with Larry for a while and probably won't come back. Jesse tries to convince her that Jeffrey Sr. is changing and feels bad for what he's done but Theresa doesn't change her mind. Jesse starts to cry and says he will leave in January from his dad. The video cuts to Jesse in Tom's room. Tom and Jesse play Smash then the video cuts to Jesse in the living room where his grandfather tells a joke. Jesse leaves Larry's afterwards.


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