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Mother Sarah Cunningham
Mother Sarah.png
Full Name: Sarah Cunningham
Alias Mother Sarah
Age: 50s
Gender: Female
Occupation: Nun
Status: Alive
Deceased (In E.V.E.)
Current Friends:
Current friends:
Current Enemies:
Paralyzed. (My Virtual Escape)
Last appearance: break free.
Mentioned in: MY MOM ALMOST DIED!

Mother Sarah Cunningham is a character in My Virtual Escape. She is a nun who checks up on Isaac weekly. She is portrayed by Melissa Stahlberger.

Season 1

In the My Virtual Escape series, Mother Sarah was first seen in the episode "Paralyzed". She was at the Kalder resistance trying to help Isaac become a more, holy person and to believe in God. Instead Isaac becomes hateful. Making doubts of God and everything she believes in. After countless other attempts, she decides to steal his weed and VR. She goes against her values by drinking wine, etc. She hears a voice calling out to her from the VR helmet "E.V.E", in which tells her to go to Isaac and confess her sins to him. Mother Sarah takes a few weeks break, and went to tell Issac that she stole his VR helmet. Isaac told his dad Joseph about this theft, Joseph got upset and fired her, prohibited her to go back to the Kalder residence. She comes back a week or two later, to tell Isaac that the "Lord" (OverLord) wants her to kill Abraham in the real world. He told her that he is an evil person and that she would be doing God's work. Isaac gave her some guidance. In the season 1 finale "god's plan", she scouts Abraham and tried to kill him. Abraham got a fire poker in defence and hits her. Mother Sarah got him on the ground, Abraham kills Mother Sarah.

M.V.E Ending (break free.)

She is seen in front of the church doors, still perfectly alive.